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Yellow Sheet highlights AzRA Education $$ Efforts

by  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Arizona Capitol Times Yellow Sheet                                          September 29, 2015

Meanwhile, the Arizona Republican Assembly, a conservative group established in the 1990s that has been recently revived, will hold a private briefing for lawmakers tomorrow morning to tell them why spending more on K-12 education is a bad idea and why the legislature shouldn’t convene a special session to accomplish that goal. In an email obtained by our reporter, Senator Burges forwarded the invitation to lawmakers to hear a “presentation on school finance” from Phil Mason, the First Vice President of the Assembly, in the majority’s caucus room at 9:30.

The organization adopted a scathing rebuke of school funding on Saturday, when the assembly unanimously voted for a resolution declaring, among other things, that “most K-12 districts are intentionally lying to the voters regarding revenues and expenditures” and “students, taxpayers, teachers and legislators are being wrongly victimized by K-12 educrats” (LINK).

The resolution went on to oppose all K-12 overrides and bonds until there is convincing proof that voters are being “fully informed” about how much money schools get from all sources and details about their expenditures. The resolution also stated that the group opposes “any and all plans to increase funding to K-12 district schools” until all the issues it raised have been addressed.

EDITOR:  We encourage all interested legislators who were not able to attend this morning’s presentation as well as tea party and  community organizations to contact us if you would like a presentation.  E-mail us at: and we will make arrangements.

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