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Time Sensitive: Parental Rights Bills

Time Sensitive!


Please sign on to RTS and/or contact the Ways and Means Committee to support SB1041 and SB1118 BEFORE March 10th. (Contact list and talking points below)

Both bills support the right of parents to direct the education of their children and provides for funding opportunities.

SB1041 STO: Aggregate Cap Increase

If it passes, what will it do?

Gives more special needs children and foster children the opportunity to obtain scholarships or tuition grants for the school of their choice.

Click here for more information on SB1041.

SB1118 renamed STO Scholarships Increase

If it passes, what will it do?

Provides school choice funding to:

  • Low income families in poverty (those with incomes up to 185% of the poverty line - Free and Reduced Lunch limit)
  • Home school families
  • Families new to AZ

Increases the low income scholarship or grant cap starting in 2021:

  • K-8 students and students in preschool offering disability services = $5,600
  • 9-12 students = $7,500

Click here for more information on SB1041.

Contact Ways and Means Committee before Wednesday March 10th at 9am (email links are in blue). Encourage lawmakers to support SB1041 and SB1118.

Rep Bolick: Chairwoman: (602) 926-3244

Rep Barton: Vice Chairwoman (602) 926-3421

Rep Cobb: (602) 926-3126

Rep Dunn: (602) 926-4139

Rep Grantham: (602) 926-4868

Rep Kaiser: (602) 926-3314

Rep Cano: (602) 926-3027

Rep Epstein: (602) 926-4870

Rep Powers Hannley: (602) 926-4848

Rep Sierra: (602) 926-3211

It is more important than ever to make your voice heard!

An easy way to make your voice heard is through the Request to Speak (RTS) program. Do you need a RTS account? Click here

For instructions on how to comment on a bill, follow the instructions in this video.

Thank you for your support and for protecting and strengthening Arizona's parental rights!

Lisa Fink
Protect Arizona Children Coalition


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