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Tempe and Ahwatukee residents who have been lied to by the TUHSD Sex Ed Committee, keep on reading

Thanks to Alliance Defending Freedom for their thorough research.  It is much more than the TUHSD School Board and Sex Ed Committee is doing, although in meetings they will lead the audience to believe this committee is the best thing since sliced bread:


Also, thanks to Alliance Defending Feedom for exposing Board Member David Schapira's relationship with Planned Parenthood.  Not only is this a conflict of interest, but District policy may be violated.


During public comment on February 4, 2014, a citizen referred to an unnamed board member receiving campaign donations from Planned Parenthood.


Those who attended this Sex Ed Committee meeting may have witnessed a committee member approaching this citizen after the meeting and recommended she not mention a board member received campaign donations from Planned Parenthood.  This committee member suggested the accusation didn't sit well with her, the committee, and maybe some in the audience. 


Why was this committtee member trying to steer public comment?  Why did she tell a taxpayer what to say or not say?  What is in it for this committee member?


I will throw out a teaser.  This is the same committee member who stated she is not comfortable with Catholics administering sex ed curriculum in the Tempe schools.  


More on that at another time.  For now, maybe the truth will set us free.......from Planned Parenthood. 





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