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Taking Back America By Taking Back Our Schools

by Harry Mathews admin. Education Action Network

            If you are a school teacher, what would you do if a mad man walked into your classroom and started killing you and your students? Would you wish you had fought harder for laws that would allow you the right to self defense? Would you blame the violent video games or the psychotropic drugs? Would you blame the NRA or gun shows or Fast and Furious or the media? Would you wonder when the police or the resource officer would arrive and then just bleed to death feeling like yet another hapless victim while watching the ones entrusted to your care die a horrible death?

            I suspect at this point you would have only one thought-stop the madman. It doesn’t matter whether he is wielding an AR-15 or a baseball bat, your life will flash before your eyes and the survival of you and your children will be the only thing that matters to you.

            We live in a country where madmen have taken control and make insane laws that deprive everyone of their most basic rights. Not the least of these is the right to preserve life-especially yours and the ones you love.

            When tyrants rule you have two options: die like a coward or fight and perhaps live.

The choice is yours. I don’t think I could not make it any clearer. Consider arming yourself.


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