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The Drudge report has a link to a New York Times article about how teachers at Normandy Crossing Elementary school outside of Houston have warped the test results to ensure monetary bonuses Link HERE

"The staff of Normandy Crossing Elementary School outside Houston eagerly awaited the results of state achievement tests this spring. For the principal and assistant principal, high scores could buoy their careers at a time when success is increasingly measured by such tests. For fifth-grade math and science teachers, the rewards were more tangible: a bonus of $2,850.

But when the results came back, some seemed too good to be true. Indeed, after an investigation by the Galena Park Independent School District, the principal, assistant principal and three teachers resigned May 24 in a scandal over test tampering.

The district said the educators had distributed a detailed study guide after stealing a look at the state science test by “tubing” it — squeezing a test booklet, without breaking its paper seal, to form an open tube so that questions inside could be seen and used in the guide. The district invalidated students’ scores."

While outraged, I'm not really surprised. "Educational professionals" have become less honorable as time passes with the influx of liberal and progressive ideals. Stupid teachers might have gotten away with it too if the scores hadn't been so high. The sad part is, our tax dollars are PAYING for these unethical public servants. Makes me want to VOMIT.


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