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Radical Bill Ayers is Keynote Speaker at Teacher’s Conference. Other Teacher Conference’s Endorse Marxism

Bill Ayers Unrepentant Terrorist

by Bill Korach

Bill Ayers will be a keynote speaker at the annual meeting for the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE) to be held February 15–19 in Atlanta, GA. Ayers is best known for founding the violent leftist Weather Underground. The Weathermen set of a series of bomb attacks that included Federal Judge Murtagh’s home. Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were on the run from the FBI for the bombing attacks. Ms. Dohrn turned herself in and confessed to some of the charges. Ayers charges were dropped on technicalities, but he never renounced his acts of domestic terror or his radical political views. Ayers became a professor at the University of Illinois where he used his position to speak out against the free market, private property and in support of socialism. The question here is why Ayers is the keynote speaker at the ATE conference? How does Ayers with his history of violence promote educational standards?

The ATE conference is one of several conferences featuring teachers with radical views. Last month, teachers in Oakland, CA organized to abolish capitalism and private property. In November, in Chicago, the vice president of the Chicago Teacher’s Union spoke at the Midwestern Marxism Conference. Is this a trend? If so it is a very dangerous trend for America.

The ATE rather benignly describes themselves on their website:

The Association of Teacher Educators was founded in 1920 and is an individual membership organization devoted solely to the improvement of teacher education both for school-based and post secondary teacher educators. ATE members represent over 700 colleges and universities, over 500 major school systems, and the majority of state departments of education. The ATE office is located in the Washington DC area where it represents its members’ interests before governmental agencies and education organizations. In addition, ATE has representatives on the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The ATE conference webage describes Ayers in equally benign terms.

William Ayers, formerly Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), founder of both the Small Schools Workshop and the Center for Youth and Society, has written extensively about social justice, democracy and education, the cultural contexts of schooling, and teaching as an essentially intellectual, ethical, and political enterprise.

So what exactly do the folks at the ATE mean by “social justice.” Do the folks at ATE believe that social justice should be dispensed without a trial or jury at the point of a gun? Because Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn do believe that justice should be dispensed by a good powerful bomb.

Ayers first found fame for his involvement in plots to set off explosives at the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a police station, two Army recruiting stations and a New York judge’s home while his family slept inside.”

Ayer’s wife helped to write a manifesto that had as its goal a revolution that would lead to “the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism.”

And what about her husband, Bill Ayers?:

Ayers participated in the Days of Rage riot in Chicago in October 1969, and in December was at the ‘War Council’ meeting in Flint, Michigan. Two major decisions came out of the ‘War Council.’ The first was to immediately begin a violent, armed struggle (e.g., bombings and armed robberies) against the state without attempting to organize or mobilize a broad swath of the public. The second was to create underground collectives in major cities throughout the country. Larry Grathwohl, a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant in the Weatherman group from the fall of 1969 to the spring of 1970, stated that ‘Ayers, along with Bernardine Dohrn, probably had the most authority within the Weatherman.’”

Ayers and Dohrn learned a big lesson during their days as second-rate violent revolutionaries: You can’t change a society through violence. Societies are changed by patiently and peacefully capturing and re-imaging our nation’s institutions, and they’ve done it. We’ve been fighting an outdated war. We fought against Communism abroad while our domestic institutions were gradually taken over.

“If we want change to come, we would do well not to look at the sites of power we have no access to; the White House, the Congress, the Pentagon,” Bill Ayers said. “We have absolute access to the community, the school, the neighborhood, the street, the classroom, the workplace, the shop, the farm.

There’s the admission: Ayers and his ideological associates already have control, and we are the ones being controlled. Ayers and his followers are gaining momentum. Look for more such conferences coming to a location near you.

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