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Please attend the American Policy Summit

Hello Education Watchdogs,

     The current events at the state house in Madison, Wisconsin are throwing a one million candlepower spot light on the problems associated with big government and also the Education Cartel. Now is the time for conservatives to bear down and join the fight!

     I am not setting up an Education Action Committee meeting for February. Instead, I am encouraging you all to go to the Tea Party Summit (American Policy Summit) next weekend. I will be there on Saturday myself. There will be breakout sessions for education. I would very much like for as many of you to attend as possible in order to give your input. I am certain that, I will gain a lot of insight by being there and you know I’ll have a lot of input myself (maybe more than is welcomed! LOL!).  

     I hope to see you all there!

     If you got your ticket early it was only $50. The price has gone up a lot but you can still get a ticket:



Here is the agenda for the conference (not very detailed but I imagine that it is still evolving):


       Hope to see you there!


     ~For Education Liberty~

Harry Mathews – Admin. – Education Action Committee

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