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More Proof that Planned Parenthood is targeting Arizona schools

Following up our request for you to attend the next Tempe High School Sex Ed Committee meeting, this article came to light.  Please read through it and in several sections you will see Arizona schools are a target.  Scroll down in the link to see Planned Parenthood's SHARE program is being used in Arizona and who will be teaching the curriculum in Arizona.


What better district to begin--the district which houses a Planned Parenthood abortion facility while in the shadows of one of the largest universities in the country.  I continue to applaud PP's business and marketing strategy.


However, I continue to be disappointed that the TUHSD Sex Ed Committee doesn't appear to be doing any research into the history and agenda of Planned Parenthood and its "comprehensive" sex ed curriculum.  Remember in December, Zita Jones, committee chair, informed me that Planned Parenthood would be the only invited guest to share possible curriculums:


" Hi Zita,

When is this meeting?

Why Planned Parenthood?

Will you be balancing PP with pregnancy and adoption centers?"


"Dear Peggy,

The meeting is scheduled for January 7, 4:30 pm, at the TUHSD
District Office.

Vicki Hadd-Wissler, in her position as Director of Eduction for Planned
Parenthood AZ, is familiar with current comprehensive
sex ed curriculum
programs for grades 9-12.  She has assisted other school
districts in the
state in reviewing these programs.  She was recommended to
the committee
because of her expertise and her knowledge of the curriculum

The committee will be reviewing several comprehensive sex
curriculum programs.  Comprehensive programs have in their
pregnancy and adoption information.

Again, thanks very much for your interest!"


Other curriculums were reviewed AFTER a threat of a lawsuit for not complying with SB1009.


How long can the committee members look away?  And why do they look away?


We hope to see you on April 14, 2014 at 4:30PM, Tempe Historical Museum, at the southwest corner of Rural and Southern by the library.






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