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Arizona Freedom Alliance 6-7-13

My Colleague in the fight against Common Core, [ ], asked a question that got me to thinking more like the turn coat Republicans in our State Legislature and that is deviously. Why would they be resurrecting HB 2399 at this late date? Why, to fund Common Core and it's testing arm PARCC, of course. It was right there in front of my face and I did not even consider it. This is more devious than I had originally thought. In the budget passed by the Senate, Common Core funding was stripped completely. Without funding, it is dead in its tracks.

So how do the John Huppenthals of our district school system get the funding necessary to put in the $600,000,000 (rough estimate because no one has put pen to paper to figure out exactly what common core will cost even though Title 15 requires it)...why, through Bonding of course! And since Bond Elections are not included in the Standardized Election law requiring all elections be held on the same day, like the City of Phoenix, the School Governing Boards will hold "special elections" in an off month, off day, off sight, and only get parents with kids in their schools out to vote. That is the way I did it when my kids were in school and the system has not changed in these many years.

It (I) was wrong then and it is wrong now! If it isn't broken, why try to fix it? Well, bad example because that is exactly what Common Core is...a cure for a ailment that does not exist! 49% of my (unconstitutional) property tax bill goes to Washington Elementary School District. That is over $2,500 a year and fully one half of that is used to pay off already existing bonds. They tried to pass a bond issue for 'computers'...ah ha...Common Core...last year and it failed by just 45 votes. Guess what folks...they are already planning to re issue the same Bond proposal this year. Why...because they can. If HP 2399 passes, just think of the possibilities! Why, more bonds of course and the percentage of my unconstitutional property tax bill with go up by leaps and bounds.

In this case, these funds will partially wind up in the class room in the form of computers bought from Intel (Craig Barrett gets more of our money) powered by software sold to us by...Microsoft (Bill Gates gets more of our money) and our little third graders will then be able to sit for 9 hours four times a year taking the PARCC test that has not even been written yet by guess who? Pearson, that's who. They stand to make millions and millions off of us...more than they make now as the largest text book publisher in the world...not just these United States. Boy, aren't our Elected Representatives in our legislature looking our for us or what?

If you care about living in the State that is on the brink of being the highest taxed state in the union, I strongly suggest you get down to the Capital in droves on Monday. It is worth loosing (sic) a day at work because this will affect every day of your life from now on. If you think we have economic problems now, just wait until our so called Independent Governing School Boards are able to write their own ticket with our money and place another burden on our homes that many are already loosing (sic) because of these taxes. And who gets these homes? Why the Government of know, the one that we RENT our homes from through private property tax bills.

PS: BTW...the PARCC test will be given four times a year (that is 36 hours for little Tommy for those of you who leaned math via "New Math") at $22,000,000 each time (that is $88,000,000) each year. Think of the computers we can purchase for that and, oh yes, the funds for PARCC cannot come from Bond money, so where is that $88,000,000 to come from? Our pockets, of course, but how? Stay tuned, I am sure that our 'responsible' elected representatives will come up with a way. If we return these people to office in 2014 we are all completely insane! I just read that Congress now has a 5% approval rate...I believe this State Legislature is much lower.

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