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Mesa Public Schools discussion for open call to the public June 23rd.

This is being posted for Tracy Langston with her permission.

Would it surprise you to learn that EVERY east valley school district EXCEPT Mesa allows a few minutes for members of the public to speak at their school board meetings on any school-related subject? This is commonly referred to as a “Call to the Public.” But in Mesa, there is no call to the public, and you are not allowed to speak unless your topic is already on the meeting agenda.

I'm working with some other people to try to get this policy changed in Mesa. Often, parents, students, and community members are aware of issues before the school board is, or they have insights that can help the school board in future decisions even if the issue is not currently on the table. I also think there are a lot of people in Mesa who don't know of another way to address the board besides at a meeting, and changing this policy would allow their voices to be heard. Other district board members overwhelmingly support having a call to the public, and say they get positive comments as often as negative ones. The Mesa Governing Board is missing a chance for valuable and timely information from the members of their community.

Besides that, I think it's just crazy that every other neighboring district already allows public comment at their meetings; the Mesa City Council even has a call to the public at their meetings too. If you live in the MPS district, you're connected to the Governing Board as a taxpayer and a voter, whether or not you currently have kids in the district. Why are the people of Mesa not trusted to speak at school board meetings??

Next Tuesday, the Governing Board is going to be deciding whether to add a call to the public to their meetings. If you think they should make this change so that all members of the Mesa community can have a voice, please contact them or come to the meeting and speak or just show your support by being there. To contact all members of the board, email Or, you can reach them individually (contact info is below).

If you would like to attend the meeting, it's Tue, June 23 at 5pm at 549 N. Stapley (just north of University; enter just north of Jack in the Box). It's right in front, in Building 2. Enter at the southwest corner. (Someone will be there to guide you.)

This issue was also covered in the Arizona Republic this week. Check out the story at: 28787743/


Thank you so much!!
Tracy Langston

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