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JOHN CHINN on July 13, 2012

The Henrico County , Virginia Board of Supervisors held a meeting June 12, 2012 to consider an appeal of a plan to build a Mosque in the County. The appeal was made by a citizen in opposition to the Mosque being built. After the meeting an e mail was sent criticizing the Board for allowing a prayer that ended with"in Jesus Christ's Name."

County Officials would not disclose the name of the e mail author.

The Wisconsin based Freedom from Religion Foundation criticized the prayer and asked that it be dropped.

The construction of the Mosque has been approved by the Board.

County Attorney Joseph Rapisarda said Board Members decided the EASIEST way to resolve the matter was to drop the prayer.

Read that above line a few times and consider what that sentence says.

Two complaints received and the Henrico County, Virginia Board of Supervisors, Cringed, Cowered and Groveled, at the feet of Islam and Atheists, without so much as attempting to defend Christianity.

If you would like to email this Gaggle of Maggots, just type in Henrico County , Virginia Board of Supervisors. There you may be able to see their names and perhaps even view their pictures. That is if Muslims/ Islam has not told them to take them down .

Side Note from Darla Dawald:

Thanks for bringing this story to our attention. This is yet another travesty and assault on our Constitution and religious freedoms. The prayer or invocation has been a part of public meetings in government for ages. So one or two Muslims complain and poof...the prayer is dropped from all future meetings?

When will Americans grow A BACK BONE? When will we stand up to this outside pressure from Muslims, Atheists, and Communists? Why do we keep giving away OUR rights to satisfy a couple of squeaky wheels?

Contact these supervisors and tell them to MAN UP! This is America after all!! Their PC stinks!!

Contact Information

Board of Supervisors

Henrico County, VA
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Phone: (804) 501-4208
Fax: (804) 501-5361

Board of Supervisors

Pictured left to right: Tyrone E. Nelson, Varina; Richard W. Glover, Brookland; Frank J. Thornton, Fairfield Patricia S. O'Bannon, Tuckahoe; and David A. Kaechele, Three Chopt

Or click on their names with a link and you will get their email addresses direct.

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