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(Some of our members have not been able to utilize the link to email the senators on the Health and Human Services committee. We have added the emails and phone numbers below.)

We were all surprised when Governor Ducey vetoed the parents’ rights sex education bill, SB 1456. Since then, we have worked to draft a revised bill to codify his executive order and address his concerns.

The new revised bill, HB2035 is a “strike everything” amendment, which basically deletes everything from an unrelated bill and replaces it with new language. The new House Bill 2035  formerly about water protection  protects the innocence of young children and your parental rights in sex education at your child’s school.

This revised bill will be voted on THIS Thursday in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

We need your help to support HB2035. Please email the Senators on the Health and Human Services committee by clicking here

The link will pull up your email and insert the Senators' email addresses along with a subject line and sample body of the email. Please feel free to personalize this email before sending.

If you are having trouble with the link, another option is to email or call the senators individually.

Nancy Barto 602-926-5766

Rosanna Gabaldon 602-926-3424

Sally Ann Gonzales 602-926-3278

Tony Navarrete 602-926-4864

Tyler Pace 602-926-5760

Wendy Rogers 602-926-3042

Thomas Shope 602-926-3012

Kelly Townsend 602-926-4467

Subject Line: Yes on HB2035

Email: Please support HB2035. This bill protects the innocence of young children and parental rights and enhances transparency for parents to view educational materials so parents can decide what is best for their child in regards to sex education.

In addition, if you have a RTS account, please click here to give a thumbs up in support of HB2035.

For instructions on how to voice your position on a bill using RTS, follow the instructions in this video below.

Thank you for your support to protect parental rights and the innocence of children!

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