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Governor Ducey Budget Best In Decades


Gov. Doug Ducey and the budget hawks in the Arizona legislature have reached a budget deal! 

If passed, this budget would be the most fiscally responsible state budget we've seen in at least two decades.  If all goes well, the budget will move very quickly through the legislature and land on Gov. Ducey's desk in the next few days.   

But there's one little problem... 

The Big Spenders HATE this budget.  And they're fighting hard to try to block it.

Please TAKE ACTION TODAY to support this responsible budget plan!

Here's why the Big Spenders hate this budget:

  • The school district bureaucrats who steal money from the students and teachers in our classrooms loathe the fact that the budget plan reduces spending on administrative bureaucracy - even though the plan INCREASES K-12 CLASSROOM SPENDING by $135 million and provides for a total increase to K-12 spending of $11 million. 
  • The corporate crony capitalists are going to miss the $100 million slush fund that would be taken away from the Arizona Commerce Authority.  
  • The educrats who waste taxpayer money and student tuition dollars at our community colleges and universities are screaming about the $103 million in reductions to higher education budgets - even though the cuts reduce total university revenue by only two percent.

The Big Spenders and their lobbyists are going to fight hard to try to stop these cuts. We need Arizona's taxpayers, producers and consumers to take action TODAY andSUPPORT THE RESPONSIBLE BUDGET PLAN.


For Liberty & Prosperity, Tom


Tom Jenney

Arizona State Director

Americans for Prosperity



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Comment by Peggy McClain on March 5, 2015 at 12:21am
Yep, I've gotten an email from U of A whining that they took the biggest hit of all three universities.

U of A's President should have planned better. Why did she renovate Old Main for her own use when there is a perfectly good Administration building in the center of campus that worked out for previous presidents?
Comment by Harry Mathews on March 5, 2015 at 8:24am

Peggy, these pampered elitist think they should have anything they want and screw everyone else. AND, they are using the University system to lobby taxpayers directly for money. There should be jail time for that IMHO


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