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NOTE: Staci is in the hospital and also fighting a legal battle with the state over election fraud. 



From Staci Burk:

In November I was approached by a whistleblower who worked at a mail facility in Seattle and asked if I would help her report a large shipment of ballots that came through her FedEx facility as a ghost shipment (not properly processed through USPS), as she wanted to stay anonymous but have authorities access the video cameras at her facility. While I was assisting her, a man who worked for the Trump campaign told me they received a tip about a South Korean flight (HL8230) that landed in Phoenix carrying illegal ballots and was going to Seattle. 

Several individuals (Congressman's aide, former project Veritas whistleblower, etc) went out to the airstrip and took video of the plane and sent it to me. They also notified law enforcement who apparently passed on bits of the info to Shawn Wilson (Koch's boss) and Scott Koch (a man directly involved in running the illegal ballots). I followed up and confirmed through flight tracker that the plane went to my whistleblowers dock.

The following week, Koch claimed he worked for the government (and mistakenly believing I had video evidence from the airstrip of he and "his guys" taking illegal ballots from the plane to FedEx in Phoenix), came to my home to threaten I would be killed by car accident, staged suicide, arrest on false charges, or discredited in some other way, if I did not stop gathering evidence that could "not be changed." I audio recorded the interaction and believing I already knew, he confessed the involvement of he and his guys in the entire criminal scheme. Eyewitnesses also saw Koch and Wilson at the election tabulation center behind the secure line while ballots were being brought in. 

Koch said that there were very wealthy international families involved and they have had control of the government and have had for a very long time. 

He said (on audio recording in November 2020) that part of their election fraud plan was that to "get away with a fraud, one must expose a fraud."
He clarified that there will be an effort to expose a fraud in ways that could not be proven and that would be doomed to fail from the outset in the Courts, and that any evidence that was brought forward would be altered or changed. He said I was gathering [physical] evidence that could not be changed and that would get me killed. 

While working with the Flynn/Powell/Wood team, as a third year law student I noticed flaws in the cases such as standing, abstention doctrine issues and that they were filed in Federal court when State court was the appropriate venue. The problem was... my voter registration had been illegally cancelled. Otherwise, there would have been no issue with my bringing an election case in State court and getting access to the ballots under ARS 16-677. However, I did have standing in Federal court because my registration was cancelled. So at the time, believing it would help the Flynn/Powell/Wood team if I filed and later let them join the cases, I went ahead and filed in Pinal County. I filed an election challenge and Equal Protection case that I was denied the right to vote while fake ballots were flown in and counted. 

It was thrown out at the lower court saying I didn't vote so I can't bring an election challenge (that's a circular argument). I appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court who agreed the underlying election fraud case had merit but threw it out saying an election challenge "wasn't the way to re-register to vote). Another circular assertion... 

Then I filed an appeal (Petition for Cert) to the Supreme Court of the United States this month (March 3, 2020). While hand delivering the 1,350 pages of evidence to Governor Ducey, SOS Hobbs, and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (Managers of the Election Center), with Kirsten Shafer, we noticed dumpsters behind the election center and the warehouse door wide open with no one around. I took photos of this but did not check the dumpsters. 

The following day, Kirstens dad, Earl Shafer, a Purple Heart veteran, suggested we go down and see what was in the dumpsters in the photos. He suspected there might be shredded ballots. I thought, they really wouldn't be that stupid... Sure enough, and much to my suprise, Earl was right. There were shredded ballots in the dumpster. We video taped the entire chain of custody and took the ballots home and put the shredded pieces together and sure enough they were "2020 general election ballots." 

The County recorder Stephen Richer (also a Defendant in my US Supreme Court case in Fontes place now), has issued multiple public statements from saying we weren't there at all and surveillance video would prove it..... to we were there and took a bag of trash.... to they were sample ballots... to ok, they were real general election 2020 ballots but were of "dead" voters who they couldn't count. We are told it's illegal to shred any ballots at all, even of dead voters. 

The last statement issued by the County was that "we" would be arrested for dumpster diving and attempting to break in the building. Earl had attempted to see if they were shredding ballots but there was no attempt whatsoever to break in the building and the gate was completely open on the PUBLIC property and it is not illegal to remove abandoned trash from a dumpster (which in this case turned out to be shredded ballots).

For more information see

At this time, I am in possession of the shreded ballots, but am also hospitalized as the stress has taken a toll. The Supreme Court case is still active and pending as of today March 14, 2021 and the County is threatening on social media and to the newspapers to file "dumpster diving" charges in an attempt to get the shredded ballots.

Other elected officials such as Sonny Borelli have asked that I turn the ballots over to him. A representative from the Flynn/Powell team has also requested them. 

At this point, being hospitalized, I cannot get them to anyone. And the threatened criminal charges appear to be right up the alley of what Koch said (and is alleged in the US Supreme Court case) would happen. 

So far, I have spent almost $12,000 litigating this case in costs with a little help from a couple patriots. Many have offered financial help along the way and I declined. 

At this point, I do need financial help. This has become much more expensive than I thought and I need to get some legal help. Please donate if you can, but more importantly pray. 

This is all in Gods hands and I've said that all along. This is Gods case... and his outcome. No matter what happens, it's in his hands.

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