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Don Kennedy's Resolution for GOP Maricopa County Consideration 2-28-12


WHEREAS, the Republican Party will uphold and defend our nation’s fundamental
principles of freedom and liberty for all as set forth in our Declaration of Independence
and the Constitution of the United States of America. We can accomplish this goal by
constraining the size of government at every level, state, local and federal, according to
original constitutional law.
WHEREAS, we support the empowerment of the people by returning government to the
hands of the people, while limiting the intrusion of government into their lives.
WHEREAS, we support a realignment of our public education system to assure that
American History, Economics, Science and the Social Sciences are purged of Marxist
doctrine, which has become prevalent during the past one hundred years.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we pledge to spend only what is necessary, and
tax only to raise revenue for essential government functions and to provide for the
common defense of our nation and our state; unleash the power of free enterprise, free
markets, innovation, civic energy, and the American spirit – and never pretend that
government is a substitute for family or community.
To these ends, we pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

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