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Critical Race Theory Continues To Be Force Fed To Arizona Children

EAN 7-26-21

Recently we were told that Governor Ducey signed legislation banning so called “Critical Race Theory” ( )yet there is no evidence that AZ public schools will back down on force feeding this neo-Marxist ideology to your children.

So, how do they get away with this? Remember “Common Core”? It was the one size fits all education curriculum that was backed by Bill Gates and the usual global governance types. They simply changed the name to “Arizona State Standards” ( ). Sure, they tweeked a little here and there but Common Core remains the standard in AZ schools to this day.

Enter “Critical Race Theory”. It has been rebranded as “Culturally Resposive Training” and continues under “Social Emotional Learning” ( ). This is how we are continually deceived by our legislature. Our so called “Conservative” legislators constantly, and successfully, pull the wool over the average AZ voter with this kind of slight of hand.

We recently learned that thousands of teachers have made a formal pledge to continue teaching Critical Race Theory (or “Culturally Responsive Training” or “Social Emotional Learning” or whatever you want to call it). They are giving the royal middle finger to parents everywhere ( ) with a clear signal that they are above the law and will do what they damn well please. And they will.

But, seriously, what does it matter how much legslation is passed? Rarely is a public school teacher or adminstrator held accountable for breaking the law. Red For Ed has used the classroom for the purposes of their political activism ( ) unabatted for years. And, that is also supposed to be against the law, as I understand it.

It seems that our legislature wants to maintain an appreance of upholding the principles of the party platform while simultaneously appeasing the iron-fisted Edu-Cartel. Well, so far so good.

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