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Crandall in running for Wyoming Ed head

June 5, 2013 By

(Rich Crandall – Zombie Bill Lord : )

Arizona State Senator Richard Crandall, who has remained in his position according to Capitol insiders to usher through Obamacare, is up for the position to head the Wyoming Department of Education. He is one of four finalists for the job.

According to Capitol insiders, Crandall had expected to leave the Senate since before he ran for reelection leaving his constituents and the Republican Party in a lurch.

Crandall, who does business with many Arizona school districts through his companies, has often been criticized for not recusing himself from votes in which he might have some personal benefit or other conflict. Crandall is best known for opposing nearly any and every school reform measure, including any that would increase school choice.

Last year, he lost much support after he threatened a fellow lawmaker who had offered an eyewitness account of Crandall’s young daughter allegedly tampering with one of his primary opponent’s campaign signs.

According to the Casper Star-Tribune, Crandall is the CEO and CFO of CN Resources and Crandall Corporate Dietitians in Mesa, Ariz. Crandall said he “is retiring his state Senate seat to pursue his ‘dream job’ of leading a school system.

The other three candidates for Education Department director’s job were Stanley Olson, a former Natrona County School District superintendent who is now director of business development for an education technology company; Charles Hokanson, president of a Virginia-based education consulting firm; and Michael Sentance, an education consultant based in Concord, Mass.

Many Republicans expressed relief that Crandall might be leaving the state, but regretted that he hadn’t left sooner. “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” said one Capitol insider. “Rich has betrayed us over and over again, and now it looks like he is running out of town after the ultimate betrayal.”


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