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Chandler School Board Member Launches Racist Attack On Radio Show Host Calling Him “House Slave"

American Daily Independent Nes Network June 13, 2021

Chandler Unified School District Governing Board member, Lindsay Love, was admonished last week at a board meeting by fellow Board member Joel Wirth, for her repeated attacks on community members. At issue this week was her use of the term “house slave” among othe...

Love, an African American, launched a Facebook attack on KFYI News Talk 550’s James T. Harris, who is also an African American after he discussed her request for funding to attend a conference in Atlanta featuring Critical Race Theory.

Harris, a conservative radio talk show host, questioned Love’s request in the wake of the District’s continued denial of offering Critical Race Theory-based curriculum and state’s the public schools’ continual cry of poverty and the need for more taxpayer money.

Love, a licensed clinical social worker who was elected to the CUSD Board in 2018, called Harris out on Facebook, identifying him as a “clown,” who is being used by “these Purples for Parents and their affiliate hate groups” to “weaponize the community against black women in leadership as they do with any BIPOC…It goes back to slavery.”

Love even went so far as to compare Harris’s opinions with the character of Stephen, a house slave, in the movie Django Unchained and suggested he “honor our ancestors by liberating yourself.”

This is not the first time Love has made such inflammatory allegations. She frequently attacks parents who express any opposition or concerns about the District as “racists” and “haters.”

“It is a shame that this black man is using his platform to incite violence towards me, another black person, whom he has deemed expendable in his goal towards acceptance. But this happens to black women all the time; we get hurt by the very people we are fighting for all the time,” Love wrote, contending Harris makes a conscious choice “to be a token amidst a sea of other options.”


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