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Call it what you want, it's Planned Parenthood in the Tempe Schools

Fostering healthy self-esteem, positive body image, body changes, sexual intimacy--this is some of the content of FLASH, one of the leading curriculums the Tempe High Sex Ed Committee is considering for its schools. 

Near the end of the March 3, 2014 Sex Ed Committee meeting, the committee narrowed its choices to two curriculums, Choosing the Best (CTB) and FLASH.

The problem with CTB is simple: one of the organizations trained to teach this program is Catholic Charities.  Catholic, that is all some members of the committee needed to hear.

Angie Thornton, committee member, asked if either program is affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  Zita Johnson, committee head, quickly stressed the committee never talked about PP coming into the schools and teaching the children.  (Then why was Planned Parenthood's educational arm asked to present three programs in January?) There was quite a discussion as to why the public may be accepting of a religious name, Catholic Charities, in the schools but not PP.

Ms. Thornton, have you not been paying attention for the last three months?  Have you not researched the statements made about Planned Parenthood?  You, the committee, and the governing board have a responsibility to look into the allegations many have made to determine if they are true or not. 

By ignoring the concerns stated by the taxpayers, it appears the committee had its mind made up to choose FLASH before TUHSD was ever threatened with a lawsuit on January 6th.  Are they keeping Choosing the Best in the mix for now just to satisfy those radical parents and citizens who just don't get it? 

As the committee washes its hands of any obligation to research who is behind FLASH, some members made it clear that Catholic Charities may be a danger in the schools.  "Not everyone is Catholic", stated Ms. Thornton.  Well, not everyone is pro-Planned Parenthood and its "business plan," either.  In fact, the tally was 7-2 during pubic comment at this meeting--seven citizens expressed concern for either PP and/or sex ed in general in the schools vs. two citizens who support comprehensive sex education in Tempe high schools.

Ms. Thornton, since you seem apprehensive of Catholics, you may not know Catholic Charities, a non-profit organization, provides services to assist with:

Domestic violence

Foster Care



Poverty Reduction

Refugee Resettlement

Pregnancy Services

Human Trafficking

Veterans Services



Youth Development

Compare this list with what for-profit, government funded Planned Parenthood, provides.  Make sure you don't include breast cancer screening because PP does not own a mammography machine.

Furthermore, it won't take much time or effort for you to google:  FLASH Sex Ed Curriculum Planned Parenthood.  You will see Planned Parenthood has woven a web with FLASH.   Don't tell us PP will not be in the schools, these are the first three links listed when I googled those words:

If you choose to read the information, you will see King County in Seattle is the source of the FLASH curriculum.  This is significant because Washington State was recently rated the most abortion-friendly state in the union. 

I ask again, exactly what is the goal of allowing Planned Parenthood in the Tempe high schools?

And if FLASH is adopted by the TUHSD board, will it align with SB1009?

As in every other level of government, this crucial sex ed decision will lie with an appointed, unaccountable body that is not obligated to answer to anybody. 

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