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Much has been said about bullies in schools lately.  In fact, when all is said and done, more is said than done.  Plenty has been done in this year's school board elections, desperate as the left is to get leftists elected and overrides passed to be sure they advance Common Care against the will of the parents and attentative public.

Despicable Horde Seeks To Bring Down Gilbert Schools Conservatives

[EAN EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bullies of Gilbert Public Schools have been relentlessly nasty to anyone who opposes them. They are a radical leftist mob who would rather destroy the entire community than lose even a little power. The following is from a recent guest Commentary in the East Valley Tribune entitled "Nicita: Stand for something or fall for anything" by Joe Nicita]


"The collaborative network includes, but is not limited to:

• Save our dedicated GPS employees (Facebook page, anonymous administrators)

• Unite for Education (Political action committee)

• GPS Board Observer (WordPress blog, anonymous administrators)

• Take Back Our Board (blog, run by Blake Sacha, who also chairs Jill Humpherys’ campaign)

• Parents for a Fair School Board (Facebook page, anonymous administrators)

• The Gilbert Onion (the latest in the many anonymous, defamatory entities that support Humpherys and Santa Cruz, also with anonymous administrators)

And it goes on.  Read more at East Valley News Net

Then you have the Scottsdale School Board elections where there are three candidates:  so-called Republicans Kim Hartman, Francesca Thomas who are raising money for Dem Eric Meyer.  Then there are the REAL Republicans, Laddie Guy Shane and Pam Kirby.  Clearly, Laddie Shane is too conservative for some groups as they have launched an all out attack on Shane, bully style!  But it doesn't end there: the Scottsdale City Council, including those running for a seat on the Council like Dennis "I'll do whatever I'm told" Robbins, Jennifer "No amount of mudsling bothers me" Petersen and Linda "Wells Fargo" Milhaven, are not campaigning for their seats.  They've already been bought and paid for by the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the unions and Wells Fargo (who expects a nice windfall from Milhaven decisions).  They actually had a City Council meeting where they tried to set aside the city agenda and hand the meeting over to these candidates to stump for passage of the school overrides.  Strangely, all three of them are on the board of the School Override Committee.  But it doesn't stop with these three.  Milhaven and Robbins are sitting council members already and Petersen has joined their team after running a truly despicable campaign against Rep. Michelle Ugenti in 2012, and losing spectacularly, and they are joined with Virginia Korte and Suzanne Klapp on the gang-up against the only conservative member of the Council, Guy Phillips.  Word is that Phillips prevailed and the City Council cum School Override meeting was put to a stop.  If you live in Scottsdale, be aware that this City Council group are unethical to a fault and need watching every minute!!

Sensible elected officials from Precinct Committeemen all the way up the chain of power are under attack, at all levels, everywhere!

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Comment by karen gevaert on October 30, 2014 at 10:11am

I bet after the Tuesday Gilbert board meeting, the "leftist" must be having a nervous breakdown.  That night showed what conservatism is all about, God bless them!!!!!!!


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