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Arizona K-12 CRITICAL RACE THEORY State Standards - TIME TO EXPOSE AG BRNOVICH & AZ State Education Agencies

(From Kristen Williamson 6-9-21)
 AZ State Education Agencies & AZ GOP Legislators:
NCSS C3 Framework/ C3 Curriculum State Standards 
The vile and anti-American ideology behind Critical Race Theory (“CRT”) is making headlines nationally. A New York mother’s admonishment of the local school board who supported illegal and purposely divisive Critical Race Theory programming in the name of “education” went viral recently.

Well, that’s nothing compared to what I can share, and can PROVE, about what’s truly going on Arizona’s K-12 schools with the support, coordination, and funding of our very own state agencies and political elites.
QUESTION: Why did Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently sign onto a letter ... and anti-American CIVIC EDUCATION when he has (2) CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS FILED  with his very own office that expose, with great specificity, how Critical (Race/Religion) Theory was formally promoted and adopted several years ago by Governor Ducey’s Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona State Board of Education, and Arizona Office of Education, as part of a blatantly anti-American Globalist K-12 program called the NCSS C3 Framework with C3 curriculum, with a related fraudulent anti-American “civic” component, aimed at altering the core beliefs of our kids and connecting youth with radical  activists in the name of “civic engagement”?
Attorney Mark Brnovich’s Letter RE: Critical Race Theory and Civic Education
ANSWER: Arizona Attorney General Brnovich is a fraud. The former “Republican” Goldwater Institute lawyer knows full well that Arizona’s state agencies adopted Critical Race Theory ideology as part of its formal K-12 state standards several years ago
It’s time to follow the lead of Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen and go on the offensive by holding town halls to expose Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in relation to K-12 Critical Race Theory programming in Arizona, and much more!
I am copying former Education Senate Chairwoman Sylvia Allen, Kelly Townsend, Mark Finchem, Sonny Borrelli, and Verl Farnsworth, assistant to former Government Senate Chairman and others like the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), the Goldwater Institute, Arizona Woman of Action (AZWOA) run by Robin Snyder and Amy Carney, Protect Arizona Children Coalition (PACC) run by Lisa Fink, Arizona Mommy Lobby run by Jen Reynolds, 4Tucson (“biblical”) 501(c3), Scottsdale Bible 501(c)3 church, Illuminate Community Church, Mark Spencer Southwest Rep. for Judicial Watch,  Phoenix based Turning Point USA, Ron Ludders, and so many others with a broad platform.
All were informed about what was truly going on in the name of K-12 “education" and “civic" education. Unfortunately these individuals, along with many other AZ GOP legislators, were informed repeatedly about the K-12 CRITICAL RACE THEORY and other extremely disturbing issues detailed below. All stood by and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to expose this to the broader public. 
Maybe you will prove to be the exception and actually stand up for Arizona citizens and the children. 
I know you as a new representative for Scottsdale in LD 23 were working with some other Arizona state legislators to end the practices of using taxpayer resources and schools to promote CRITICAL RACE THEORY (“CRT”) and related anti-American ideology. 
Please read the following and contact me when you would like to discuss this further in person with parents and the taxpaying community. 
Below are the CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS filed with Attorney General Mark Brovich’s office regarding CRITICAL (Race/Religion) THEORY, the associated Arizona K-12 NCSS C3 Framework/C3 Curriculum State Standards, and the fraudulent ANTI-AMERICAN “NEW CIVICS” programs (Dimension 4 of the NCSS C3 Framework).
Attorney General #1 and #2 Cover Letter and Criminal Complaints 
(Complaint Cover Letter #1, Complaint #1, Complaint Cover Letter #2, Complaint #2, Attorney General Complaint Detail, Attorney General - Fraudulent ANTIFA “CIVICS”)
Click to Download
Arizona Attorney General Cover Letter.pdf
73 KB
Click to Download
Arizona Attorney General Complaint .pdf
3.6 MB
Click to Download
Arizona Attorney General Complaint April 23, 2019.pdf
4.1 MB
Click to Download
Arizona Attorney General Coverletter - #2.pdf
101 KB
Click to Download
Arizona Attorney General Complaint - #2.pdf
14.9 MB
Click to Download
ANTIFA Training Starts in K-12 Schools- Two Arizona Attorney General Complaints Filed Two Years Ago - IGNORED!!!.pdf
4.5 MB
Below are .pdf email copies of communications with Governor Ducey’s former Office of Education Executive Director Dawn Wallace. Ms. Wallace is now ironically in charge of “CIVICS” at the Flinn-Brown Foundation.
Click to Download
Dawn Wallace Email Dated 8-16-18.pdf
232 KB
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Email To Governor Ducey’s Office of Education Director Dawn Wallace.pdf
51 KB
Below are .pdf email copies of communications (one of many) to Arizona state legislators Shawnna Bolick, Paul Boyer, Kimberly Yee. Many other AZ GOP members were also informed, including three years of emails to the Goldwater Institute executives, namely Dan Brophy and Victor Riches. All chose to take NO ACTION regarding CRITICAL RACE THEORY and related ANTI-AMERICAN K-12 programming.
Click to Download
Rep. Bolick Noticed AGAIN RE: Fraudulent Anti-American "Civics" - March 2020.pdf
161 KB
Click to Download
Senator Kimberly Yee, Dawn Wallace, Paul Boyer Email.pdf
180 KB
Former Super Intendent Diane Douglass Speaking Out Against NCSS C3 State Standards ADOPTED by the Arizona State Board of Education 
How can parents and taxpayers feel their rights are being protected, and their hard earned tax dollars are being put to good use, when we learn that anti-American rhetoric and illegal CRITICAL (RACE/RELIGION) THEORY that violates civil rights is willfully being weaponized against innocent school children for political gain, and that this is being done by our very own state education agencies and school district leaders and permitted to go unchallenged by our very own attorney general
When our very own state agencies and district leaders collude together to willfully violate the public trust, and state and federal law by implementing illegal Critical Race Theory and other anti-American subversive ideology, it is well past time for parents who love their children to remove them from these indoctrination camps. 

The homeschool revolution has begun!
Alex Newman has been at the forefront of the education battle to rescue our children from those who seek to both dumb down our children and also change our kids’ core belief systems. 

HERE is Alex speaking to a large church congregation. Too bad more pastors won’t warn parents about the truth regarding what is really going in our K-12 schools these days. I guess most pastors aren’t as protective of innocent children as we would like them to be. Then again, most are 501(c) corporate leaders, not the  original American God-fearing preachers of days past.
You would be surprised to learn of the numerous so-called education focused organizations in Arizona who have been informed about the Arizona K-12 Critical Race Theory schemes at work in our state’s education system, yet have chosen to stand idly by, saying and doing nothing. Often, you find they’re actually partnering with CRT and other anti-American ideology or standing in as controlled opposition. The same can be said for school district governing board members.
Please read the following .pdf document. 
Click to Download
Arizona K-12 CRITICAL RACE THEORY State Standards - Time to Expose AG Brnovich & AZ State Education Agencies.pdf
537 KB
There is MUCH that needs to be discussed in town halls across Arizona. We should start with Arizona’s main power player working behind the scenes and his network: ASU President and 20 year CIA IN-Q-TEL CHAIRMAN Michael Crow.
Click to Download
Form 990 for IN-Q-TEL INC (52-2149962) for 03_2016.pdf
2.9 MB
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Civic Education Must Put Equity First - Agenda 2030.pdf
181 KB

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Comment by Karen Gevaert on June 10, 2021 at 6:46am

Thank you Harry, Peggy, McClain for all your hard work and dedication to our children.  Kristen Williamson has done extensive  investigated research on the so-called leaders  here in Arizona.  The swamp runs deep in Arizona.  Personally,  who can you trust??  These same people want to run for Governor, and other political positions.  Due to the uninformed,  and possibly fixed elections,  these swamp people will be elected!!!!

Comment by Harry Mathews on June 11, 2021 at 6:52am

Karen, sad but true


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