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American Post-Gazette
Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona
August 26, 2019
The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), the clown club that runs the state’s universities, has decided that they are smarter and more important than all the rest of us. In their most recent Board Meeting (Aug 22, 2019), in a unanimous vote, these criminals decided that illegal aliens were entitled to a lower tuition to our state universities than American citizens. If you live in another state and your kid wants to come to ASU, UofA, or NAU, he/she will have to pay more tuition than an illegal alien who “resides” in Arizona. ABOR voted to allow illegal aliens to pay 150% of state resident tuition compared to the 200% an out-of-state American citizen has to pay. This is utter nonsense--and violates the Arizona Constitution and state statutes. ABOR tried this a couple of years ago and got shot down by the courts. But what do they know? And what do the citizens of Arizona know? And want?
In 2006, Arizona citizens voted by over 70% to pass Proposition 300 which, among other things, prohibited illegal aliens from being given any access to taxpayer-supported services, including higher education. The geniuses at our community colleges and ABOR tried their best to circumvent the electorate and give tuition breaks to illegal aliens anyway. The courts stopped them. Or so we thought.
During the 2019 legislative session, State Senator Heather Carter (R-Dist 15) and State Representative Michelle Udall (R-Dist 25) proposed bills that would give illegal aliens access to lower tuition rates. Rightfully, their bills got voted down. But illegal alien lovers just don’t give up. So, ABOR took up the cause and with virtually identical language to those ill-fated bills, unanimously passed a resolution to grant lower tuition to illegal aliens. That’s because ABOR is so much smarter and righteous than the rest of us.
Simply put, ABOR’s actions are unconstitutional and illegal. The citizens of Arizona have said so. The State Appeals Court has said so. The Arizona Supreme Court has said so. 
There needs to be an emergency motion before a judge to halt any such nonsense from going forward. Then a lawsuit needs to proceed immediately overturning this criminal activity. Each of the ABOR members need to be personally and criminally held accountable for malfeasance and misappropriating public funds. 
Yours in the Cause of Truth,
Alexander Hamilton

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