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Now that the legislature has adjourned after one of the longest and most contentious sessions in recent history, one would have thought that it is time for us to forget legislation until the next session, an divert our attention elsewhere. But if we did, we would be wrong, because far Left organizations are in the process of using the referendum process to repeal good legislation, using arguments of questionable validity.

One such Leftist organization is doing just that. The Save Our Schools Arizona gang has just initiated a disinformation and misinformation campaign to gather enough signatures to defeat house bill HB2853 via referendum at the November election.

Please, do not sign the petition to repeal the school choice bill,

and ask everyone you know to also refuse to sign.

I have written an editorial in the AZ Daily Independent, debunking some of the claims that the SOS AZ is making in their quest to gather signatures. You may access that editorial by going to

What could be the most compelling argument in support of HB2853 is that it makes school choice both possible and voluntary for everyone involved.

  • Parents who are satisfied with their current district school need not change
  • Private schools that fear government control need not take ESA students

It’s all about personal choice. Don’t let SOS AZ take that away from you.

SOURCE: Arizona Freedom Alliance

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Comment by Thucydides on July 17, 2022 at 5:09pm

The entire stay stem of district schools was set up after the civil war to segregate schools.  The entire system is slowly getting more legally and morally indefensible.  There are now very accurate information showing that minoritiesIf  fall further behind whites every day the spend in a district school.  
If you reversed the roles, with conservative trying to trap minorities in low quality districts, you could rightfully accuse them of racism.  

The left likes to refer to district schools as public schools but, they are not.  In most of the US, principals and superintendents can be convicted of a crime and will lose their jobs if they allow the public into their district.  

In the last Gallup poll, the parents of 5 million students rated their child’s school a “D” or “F”.  Why, because that many children failed to make the academic gains that children could get even if they were running wild in the streets.  

Soon, we will win this fight in the courts.  Under the equal protection of the constitution, you can’t give the child of a rich white atheist in north Scottsdale their $12,00 to attend a district school while denying a poor Hispanic Catholic her $6,500 to receive her public education at Saint John’s Elementary school in Tucsons highest crime, highest poverty, highest minority zip code.  

I attended Saint John’s all 8 years.  All my buddies made it out: Lucero, Rodriguez, Sanchez, Ortega, Peralta, Castro.  Pharmacist, Avionics engineer, Assistant Superintendent, Principal, Architect. 


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