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American Post-Gazette
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June 29, 2021
Three House Republicans, Michelle Udall (LD 25), Joanne Osborne (LD 13) and Joel John (LD 4) joined all the Democrats (what a surprise!) to vote down expansion of Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). In spite of what they claim, we know the Democrats hate poor people. It's obvious by their efforts to raise taxes, cause inflation, defund the police and a host of other issues. But perhaps nothing is more serious than education. The Democrats do not want poor people to be able to choose where their kids can go to school. ESAs are meant to correct that.
ESAs give parents, especially poor households, access to money to allow them to decide what school and where is best for their kid(s). Democrats don't want that. Democrats kowtow to whatever the teachers' unions want. And teachers' unions don't want private school, or charter schools and they especially don't want home schooling. Perish the thought that parents should have control over their own kids.
Well, now three House RINOs have joined the Democrats and their union thug-buddies to prevent more parents to take advantage of ESAs.
It's sad, really, that we see so-called Republicans groveling at the feet of teachers' unions who never have the students' best interests in mind.
Ms Udall, Ms Osborne, and Mr John should be ashamed of themselves. Arizona had an opportunity to expand parental control of their kids--but no, once again Democrats' efforts to thwart the will of the people continues; this time, again sadly, with GOP help.
No doubt, little Paul Boyer (LD 20) in the Senate would have gone along with the Democrats as well.
Republicans need to come to grips with these parent haters. In next year's elections there needs to be more concerted efforts to remove these RINOs from office. And it may be just the right time. The 2022 election should be in the GOP wheelhouse. Not My President Joe Biden is doing what we expected and that will make the US Senate and House vulnerable for Republicans to take over. And here in Arizona that will give impetus to increase GOP control of the Legislature.
For the Love of Liberty,
Samuel Adams

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Comment by Thucydides on July 1, 2021 at 8:05pm

Since leaving the Superintendent, I have been volunteering at extremely high-poverty schools.  Using my Engineering degree to help teach kids math.  When I started working with one group of fourth grade kids, I asked them a simple question, "what is five plus four?"  Not a single one could say nine?

I was able to get those kids to do hundreds of math problems every day.  Here is a video of one of these students:

The only way we are going to get students from poverty close to their potential is to keep producing more and more school choice.  

School systems want to sell the notion that Whites are oppressing Blacks.  Truth?  Actually that is true. Democrats are oppressing Blacks by denying them access to the best possible schools.

That's how districts schools evolved after the civil war.  As a method of segregation and denial. District schools aren't open to the public at all.  In most states, it is a crime to allow a member to the public to attend.


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