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Tempe Union Land Lease Deal Email Update

Thanks to a reader who noted I wrote Moses Sanchez's email address incorrectly.

It is

Also if you're available, please attend the TUHSD Board meeting Wednesday night at 7PM, 500 W. Guadalupe, Tempe. 85283. You may fill out a card for public comment if you'd like. The district office is at the northwest corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene, right next to $1/ year Benedict Park.

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Tempe Union High School District is Financially Supporting the City of Tempe

For those of you who live in or know somebody in the Tempe Union High School District, please contact the school board by 12-16-15 regarding the following issue.  (Tempe Union includes Tempe High, McClintock, Marcos de Niza, Corona del Sol, Mt. Pointe, Desert Vista, and Compadre High Schools).

Those of you who are in Tempe Union but live in Ahwatukee or Chandler, this may be of special interest to you. 

It appears Tempe Union, owners of  Benedict Park at the…


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                       PAYCHECK WITH NEGATIVE RESULTS?


        Say NO to Tempe Union High School Override (TUHSD)

    All are invited to join us on Tuesday, 10-13-15 at 2PM at the

          TUHSD office at 500 W.…


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A New York Superintendent Who Get It

Please read the letter below from a Long Island, NY school superintendent to one of his teachers.  We need more leaders like this.  Do any other school districts and board members care to join him in support of his teachers and students?

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Tempe Union High School District Alert

Thanks to Anita Christy, Gilbert Watch, who shared the Arizona State Statute of how long textbooks are to be available for review before voting:

According to the TUHSD website, the newest books are only available for review from April 1-May 6, 2015.  And according to Superintendent Baca, that length of time is a courtesy.…


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Which East Valley District Wastes the Most Money?

Dear Westie Connects,

I bet my district has something yours doesn't.

It has come to my attention Tempe Union High School District has a Sustainability Director.

Beat that in Gilbert Schools!

And I can't wait until TUHSD tries to justify an override.

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TUHSD and the Rest of Arizona's School Districts

Hi all,

There is a lot of information that has come in late today regarding Tempe Union High School's Sex Ed curriculum vote on Wednesday night.  (7PM, 500 W. Guadalupe Tempe, NW corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene)

One item appears to be they have removed "Choosing the Best" as an option.  This has been a non-controversial curriculum, but not associated with their beloved Planned Parenthood.  We are still sorting through details, but why would the district take away…


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All Hands On Deck address correction and POSSIBLE LAST MINUTE CURRICULUM CHANGES

Regarding the December 3rd Sex Ed presentation at Tempe Union High Schools, the address is 500 W. GUADALUPE, Tempe, 7PM, NW corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene.

Sorry, I write late at night and shared the wrong address in a recent post. #Overtime

Also, this is a fluid situation. I've just been notified the District may have changed the Sex Ed curriculum slightly. I'm not sure what is going on at the last minute, but all the more reason to keep an eye on this… Continue

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Ahwatukee, Tempe, Chandler Families and Taxpayers

All hands on deck--we need you to represent families and the law, SB1009, on Wednesday December 3rd at the Tempe Union High School Board meeting.  The meeting will start at 7PM and they will probably get to the Sex Ed curriculum a little after 7.  The address is 500 W. Kyrene, Tempe, 85283.  The District office is at the NW corner of Kyrene and Guadalupe.



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Planned Parenthood and Sex Ed is a problem for Tempe Union, but not for obvious reasons

Although I graduated from McClintock and all of my kids attended Marcos de Niza, I never concerned myself too much with what the Governing Board did.  Like most parents, I was dealing with the day to day activities and challenges of raising kids. 


That is what the current Superintendent and School Board want to hear.  But now that my kids are grown, like many others, I have more time to research where my tax money is going and question what exactly is going on behind those…


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Merry Christmas from Tempe Union High School District

Because it is now officially "The Holidays", otherwise known as Thanksgiving, Hanakkah, and Christmas, the Tempe Union High School District has decided to sneak its Sex Ed curriculum presentation and adoption into December's agenda.


Please review the newest version of TUHSD's Planned Parenthood's FLASH curriculum.  And please attend December 3rd's Board meeting at 500 W. Guadalupe Rd. in Tempe.  The start time hasn't been posted officially, but plan on 7PM.



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The Progressives Never Sleep

Back in 2008 most of us were trying to hold on to our jobs, homes, and families while the economy began its downturn.  As usual, while we were attempting to be constructive, the Progressives were laying the ground work for future programs in the Tempe Union High School District.


Although there is record of an official from TUHSD contacting Planned Parenthood in September of 2013 for help with a Sex Ed…


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Tempe Union High School Candidate Forums

Tempe Union High Schools hosted a candidate forum last night which I did not

attend due to other conflicts.

However, there are two more forums next week.  I did find out one of the

candidates, DeeAnne McClenahan denied to the audience that Planned Parenthood

was ever an an option in TUHSD.  I find this interesting because Ms. McClenahan

was on the Sex Ed Committee and voted FOR the Planned Parenthood curriculum!! 

It is also documented in an email that not…


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Tempe Union High School District Sex Ed Update

I was going to write a quick update sharing specifics of the continuing saga in the Tempe Union High School District regarding the Sex Ed program and its development.  Then I listened to the audio the district uploaded on to its website from the August 20, 2014 Board meeting.  It's difficult to summarize the events of the last 9 months and make sense of the Board's continuing push towards Sex Ed amid all the controversy and possible non-compliance with SB1009. (See attachment)

It has…


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Huge Thanks to TUHSD

A sincere thank you to Tempe Union High School for posting the proposed new Sex Ed curriculum on their website.  This makes it much easier to review, especially for families who work during business hours.



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TUHSD Lays Out the Welcome Mat for Taxpayers

Thanks to all who came today to review the new TUHSD Sex Ed Curriculum, and thanks to those who still plan to visit the district office to review it between now and August 20th.


I know there was frustration because there was only one copy each of the standard and special ed versions to review and one small table for the group of people who showed up.  Clearly, the District is not used to parents taking an active role in the curriculum.  But this time, TUHSD should have been…


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TUHSD Sex Ed Flash Curriculum Update

Weeks ago I wrote that we were waiting for the final Tempe Union High School Sex Ed Curriculum to be presented for public review.  I was told it would probably be ready the second or third week of July.


I called the District office on Wednesday, July 23rd.  After fumbling around and being put on hold a couple times, the receptionist gave me a tiny bit of information.  First, though, she wanted to know why I was calling to review the curriculum, asked if I am a district…


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Kyrene School District-- south Tempe, Ahwatukee, Chandler

Due to a candidate's family emergency we are under the gun to get the necessary signatures for two conservative Kyrene School board candidates. Bernadette Scoggins and Kristin Middleton will swing the board to a conservative common-sense majority if elected.

If you live in the Kyrene boundaries or know someone who does and will sign their petitions, please let me know. Thanks.

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TUHSD Sex Ed Curriculum Update

Word has it the new Sex Ed Curriculum for the Tempe High Schools will be available for the public to review in the next few weeks. We will have to keep an eye on the TUHSD website for updates.

I'm hearing the curriculum gurus really tore the Planned Parenthood Flash curriculum apart. Although the vote did not go our way in May, the administration seems to be approaching this controversy with a level head, realizing the tightrope it is walking both legally and in the court of public… Continue

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Will TUHSD Superintendent Call Out David Schapira for "Half-Truths"?

The Tempe Union High School District Board and Superintendent circled the wagons at the May 7, 2014 meeting as they protected the Board and Sex Ed Committee members from any criticism.  Dr. Baca, the superintendent, implored the audience not to state half-truths and also made it clear he does not like the use of social media to report the District's activities.


A reporter from The Arizona Republic was at the meeting.  Channel 12 did a piece on its 10PM news and Luci Scott…


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