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Litchfield School Board Member Questions Secretive Process Used To Introduce Equity Education

EAN NOTE: "Equity quotas" and the like, are always based on the notion that unless you have pale colored skin, you need help getting ahead because you are incapable of competing in any fair competition. This helps noone. If we just base assessments on merit and merit alone, RACISM WOULD CEASE TO EXIST. 

Regressives need to keep alive the FALSE notion that the USA is an oppressive nation based on slavery and bigotry. Otherwise, these self appointed regulators of human behavior, would become irreleant and they, themselves, would need to live or die on their own merits; which completely terrifies them


On December 1st, I attended a board study session as a member of the public.  About 55 minutes into the meeting the last topic was an Equity Statement. I didn’t know much about open meeting laws, but it was surprising to me that over and over again,  Board member Kimberly Moran, who was pushing this Equity Statement, admitted that she had not gotten any feedback from the public. At one point, another board member expressed concerns that a shady racial quota hiring practice could “get ugly – sideways.” Ms. Moran responded, “and it would be obvious.” The discussion bounced around the lack of awareness of the public, then Board President Danielle Clymer reminded the board members that ultimately the vision and the direction of the district is decided by the Board, as if that authority justified keeping the public in the dark.

On December 8, the Equity Statement vote was the last item. It came up after 2 hours and 18 minutes of boring business, and much of the audio was unintelligible. When Ms. Moran presented the Equity Statement with Kendi’s definition for the first and only time ever in an open meeting, the audio was better, but it was presented as hard-to-read whole pages and not broken down into PowerPoint slides as is normally done, so I never noticed it. Ms. Moran briefly discussed each item until she got to the definitions, which she quickly glossed over, just mentioning that there are definitions. But she did bother to make a highly legible PowerPoint to share a lyric from Starting Now, by Toad The Wet Sprocket and an implementation timeline.

Hiding Kendi did not matter,  because it was voted on minutes later with no input from the public. It was not until weeks later that I saw the Equity Statement on the Governing Board page of the website. For the first time, I noticed the definition of anti-racist which stated, “We subscribe to author Ibrim X, Kendi’s definition: One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an anti-racist. There is no in-between safe space of ‘not racist.’”

Funny how they left off the end of the quote, “The claim of ‘not racist’ neutrality is a mask for racism.”  Therefore, everyone is a racist and race must dominate one’s thinking at all times. For example, Kendi implied Amy Coney Barrett is a “white colonizer” who uses her two adopted Haitian children as “props.” Those kids are well educated, happy and an integral part of her large, beautiful family.

I believe Kendi’s name and the District’s allegiance to his definition were intentionally concealed from the public until after the December 8th vote.


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