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Florida Kicks Common Core to the Curb: So Why Has Arizona Doubled Down and Rebranded Common Core?

To Senator Allen:

Arizona is far behind other states in terms of acknowledging what has transpired in the name of “education” over many decades, and more recently with the ill conceived notion of Common Core.
“Florida has officially eliminated Common Core,” DeSantis said in a statement. “I truly think this is a great next step for students, teachers, and parents.”
The Florida Department of Education recently announced its new proposed standard to replace Common Core curriculum.. The new standards are called Florida B.E.S.T., which stands for Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking.
You can read an article about this HERE, the Florida’s Department of Education’s Standards Review Guidelines from Governor DeSantis HERE, and recommendations to extract Florida from the failed Common Core ideology HERE
As we can see in the proposed ELA standards document, Florida boldly quotes Frederick Douglass by focusing on the historical purpose of education, that being to promote liberty and light by uplifting the soul into the glory of Truth and to uphold the belief in American freedom. 
Florida also acknowledges something I, and others, have continued to point out to our taxpayer funded education agencies and education committee members: curriculum matters, knowledge matters, foundational instruction matters, and advancing through purposeful instruction the concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness matters immensely.
Please pass this noteworthy, leadership directive by Governor DeSantis along to your colleagues on the House and Senate Education Committees, in addition to Governor Ducey, the State Board of Education, and the Arizona Department of Education. After promising Arizona voters and parents he would eliminate the failed Common Core concept, Governor Ducey and his hand-selected State Board of Education merely rebranded Common Core and then patted themselves on the back. This deceptive move didn’t go by parents unnoticed.

Please let Governor Ducey, the State Board of Education, and the Arizona Department of Education know what real leadership looks like and that parents and Arizona citizens are most certainly paying attention.

On January 31, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-32, outlining a path for Florida to improve its education system by eliminating Common Core and paving the way for Florida students to receive a world-class education to prepare them for jobs of the future.

Executive Order 19-32 directs Florida Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran to comprehensively review the academic standards for Florida’s Kindergarten through grade twelve students and provide recommended revisions to Governor DeSantis. The recommendations shall:

    • Articulate how Florida will eliminate Common Core (Florida Standards) and ensure we return to the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic;
    • Provide a roadmap to make Florida’s standards number one in the nation;
    • Reflect Florida Department of Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran’s consultation with relevant stakeholders to include parents and teachers;
    • Deem how to increase the quality of instructional curriculum;
    • Suggest innovative ways to streamline testing;
    • Identify opportunities to equip high school graduates with sufficient knowledge of America’s civics, particularly the principles reflected in the United States Constitution, so as to be capable of discharging the responsibilities associated with American citizenship; and
    • Outline a pathway for Florida to be the most literate state in the nation.

Arizona citizens know that you, Senator Allen, personally have done what you can to improve the K-12 education system in our state as a lawmaker, and we thank you for that! It’s time for our education agencies and Governor to take these issues serious and get to work. 

Arizona’s K-12 schools are now adopting “Diversity & Equity” social justice curriculum which only further degrades our taxpayer funded education system. The entire notion of K-12 school is becoming not much more than state mandated political and social programming. It needs to end. 
Governor Ducey and our state agencies have all been told about these issues, time and time again, by way of informal emails and by filing formal, well documented complaints, yet they all sit idly by acting as if they are powerless. If so, then let’s disband these education agencies altogether, direct these funds towards ESA’s, and let the parents at the local level sort this mess out.
Bottom Line Message: Parents are fed up!
~ Kristen Williamson

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