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(This email received on 2-4-13 has been reposted here in it's entirety by permission)

Ray (Ray Malnar),

I am sorry that we spent so much time on the expansion of Medicaid and so little on Common Core as these are both equally as threatening to We the People. I am afraid that having a Common Core panel discussion in March will be too late mainly because our elected representative Paul Boyer is pushing this agenda along with everyone on the House Education Committee which includes Rep. Heather Carter and the Chair Rep. Goodale...both advocates of the Federal take over of Education in this State. I am also very concerned about the Senate Education Chair, our Senator Kimberly Yee's, stance on it because when asked a direct question as to her stand last night, she was vague, to say the least. I am very concerned that we have elected Representatives that are not listening to us on this subject but are marching to the drums of Obama, the State Board of Education (who ever they are) and the other pun-dents advocating this totally fiscally irresponsible move on our formerly sovereign local School Boards.
Your short program on it was woefully lacking of opponents to Common Core. This is what caused the slight uproar last night. Few have spent as much time and energy exploring this subject than I and I would very much like to be on the panel next month to argue for stopping Common Core (if it isn't already too late). One thing we all have to remember...even though some short sighted people adopted Common Core in 2010, it is never too late to correct a wrong. It is my considered opinion that what we are doing to our children's education by adopting Common Core will prove to be as colossal a mistake as the last two debacles ..New Math and AIMS.
There are some good things about Common Core's base assumptions, but these are things that without the Federal and State's heavy hand with Title 15 and AIMS, teachers would have evolved to include these as they have always done in the past. Education is like business...keep government out of it completely. If Representative Boyer and Senator Yee want to truly do something to further the advancement of Education, may I suggest that they take a close look at Title 15 and purge it of the inhibiting and constraining mandates foisted on our local school boards?
As for the rest of us, we need to make our feelings known by showing up at the Capital and voicing our outrage on Common Core. Far too few of us have bothered and this is why we have virtually lost control of our schools. There has been absolutely no public input relating to the adoption of Common Core...none whatsoever. It is time to stand for what you believe. It is time to draw the line in the sand that inhibits governmental takeover of our schools.
All the Best
PS: I would appreciate your publishing this for the entire L.D. 20 and to your point raised about the 'closed' EGC meeting on Thursday, please bring this subject up so that every L.D. Chair in Maricopa County is aware of the perceived problems concerning Common Core. Additionally, toward that end, please also bring up my suggestion regarding a P.C. Caucus to select our Republican Candidates for Primary Election. We need to empower our Republican P.C.s in this process as well as which bills are supported or opposed in the State Legislature. P.C.s are not just 'Water Carriers' for those who want to represent us. They are 'partners'!
PSS: As to the comments that "Industry" in in favor of adopting Common Core...exactly two companies have testified on behalf of adopting this mess...Intel (of Mr. Bennett fame) and Rayathon...hardly a mandate from the Business Community!

Wesley W. Harris
14802 N. Coral Gables Dr.
Phoenix AZ 85023
FaceBook" Wes Harris, We the People of Arizona, Original North Phoenix Tea Party

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I would go to the meeting if you let me know when!

Excellent, Wes. Thank you for posting, Harry.

I agree. Common Core has to be stopped! It is a waste of money (new books of indoctrination), time (spent by teachers to be further indoctrinated) and is another in the cog in the wheel of dumbing down our society by dumbing down our children! I'll attend any meetings!


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