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I live in the Peoria school district (PUSD #11). Are you aware that County Superintendent Don Covey ("R") canceled an ON-GOING special election to fill a vacancy on our school board? We had a rock-solid conservative business owner and part-time college professor with a Ph.D in biophysics as the only candidate in that election. Dr. Pingerelli under current law would have won that election by default. However, Covey, with the help of County Attorney Bill Montgomery's staff, illegally canceled the election and instead appointed a union activist who was also a John Kerry democrat convention delegate to our school board.

We of course challenged the decision in Superior Court where a liberal judge (who's wife is a school board member) ruled that despite the clarity of the law, Covey could cancel the election. We appealed the decision and we are waiting for a written decision from the Court of Appeals now.

We need to get the word out about how Covey is installing liberals on our school boards from his position as a "republican" county superintendent of schools. I'm a republican LD-9 precinct captain and I am done supporting Republicans who behave like democrats. We need to make sure Covey is NOT re-elected - even if that means electing a democrat; at least then it would be clear who's doing the damage to our schools.

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sharing this around...ridiculous how politicians behave....



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