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Mr. Eddie Smith is the board member that was appointed by Don Covey.


Mr. Smith lost his bid for the seat in the last election coming in 3rd place behind Kathy Knecht (existing board member - 1st place) and Jane Schutte who came in 2nd.  What was most remarkable about this election was that Schutte was the most invisible candidate ever to run for office.  She attended no events, made virtually no public appearances, and had next to no signs out.  She still beat the guy who had the largest war chest ever amassed (as far as I know) for a school board seat in PUSD history.  Smith took maximum campaign contributions from union organizations as far away as Tucson for a school board seat in Peoria.  He raised about $10,000 in union contributions for this election.


Even more remarkable, was when Schutte won with no effort on her part, she refused to take the seat creating this debacle.


Smith, despite his union support, financial advantages, association with then board president Knecht, and the weakest candidate ever running against him, still lost the election.  Further, he refused to run again when Covey called for a new election, betting instead on the appointment process being reinstated.



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