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Education Action Network 11-7-14

Who Funded Gilbert Public Schools Radical Shift To The Left?

For starters:

George Soros

The Gilbert Teachers Union

National Teachers Union

UFCW Union

Planned Parenthood

The Sierra Club

The Ford Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation

The Heinz Foundation (John Kerry’s wife)

Revive Arizona Now

And many more


Thanks to a couple of conservatives who did their homework, we know that the National Education Association (teachers' union) contributed $500,000 to Revive Arizona Now.  The Democratic Legislative Committee:  $200,000.  Planned Parenthood:  $20,000.  (By the way, Planned Parenthood sent out a blast email asking you to thank Jill Humpherys for voting to retain information in a biology textbook that informs your child on how to abort her child.)  Click HERE to see the Campaign Finance Report.

Also, Every Voice donated $20,000 to Revive AZ Now. Donors to Every Voice include the Tides Foundation, NEA, Sierra Club, and UFCW.

The Left will do anything to hang on to their domination of K-12, including throwing money at a local school board race.  They aren't afraid of all conservatives, just the effective ones. ~ Gilbert Watch


But we have only scratched the surface here. The Tides Foundation accepts money from a plethora of Foundations and Global corporations.


Other large Tides donors include: the Pew Charitable Trust, the James Irvine Foundation, Citigroup Foundation,  Kellogg Foundation, Hearst Foundation, Fannie Mae Foundation, JP Morgan Foundation, Bank America Foundation, Chase Manhattan Foundation, Verizon Foundation, David & Lucile Packard Foundation, AT & T Foundation, Bell Atlantic Foundation, Citicorp Foundation, ARCO Foundation, US West Foundation, John D. MacArthur Foundation, ALCOA Foundation, Richard King Mellon Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation.


What’s sad is that many of these foundations were originally endowed by America’s first generation of great capitalists but have decided to spit on the legacy created by these captains of industry. It is very doubtful William Randolph Hearst, J.P. Morgan, John D. MacArthur, Andrew Carnegie, Richard Mellon, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, or W. K. Kellogg, would support efforts to move America toward socialism or assist terrorists who desire to destroy America. These foundations have been captured by the left and now use the money created by free enterprise to attack the very system which created such wealth. ~ Western Journalism


And the list goes on. There is a long list of global corporations who consolidate their power by entering to Private-Public-Partnerships with governments. This is commonly referred to as Fascism or Corporate Fascism. This makes it all but impossible for the small independent entrepreneur to get a foothold in the business world.


This spells centralizing power on a global scale. You can still have your town councils and school boards but they will be just for show. They are just there to give you the illusion that you have some control over your life. Your town, county, state and national borders are an illusion. They are being phased out in favor of  “regionalization” (see The Regional Planning Association, America 2050 and The American Planning Association)




The Regional Planning Association

The America 2050 Project

The American Planning Association

American Planning Association Arizona Chapter:


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