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[EAN NOTE: Well, Gilbert Public Schools have finally gone into full Fascist mode. Totalitarian control of children is all they are about. Parents don't matter. What will it take for parents to finally realize that the purpose of these septic tanks called "public schools" is to turn children against God, against their parents, against their country and against themselves; but, most of all, to turn them into little Wokie Greta Thunberg-esk social justice warriors who are so loathe of everything that they just want to burn everything down. And, if you object in any way, the response from your Government Schools Lords is "SILENCE!"]

Gilbert Sun News By Cecilia Chan / GSN Managing Editor / Oct 30, 2021


The Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board gave its president the ability to shut down a public meeting without having to get the votes to do it in order to maintain decorum. 

The board’s adoption of the policy on a 3-1 vote last Tuesday came at the recommendation of the Arizona School Board Association and with some opposition such as from Steve Walker, who belongs to the 1,600-member Facebook group GPS Education Advocates.

“The purpose of a five-member board is to disallow autocratic power,” Walker said during public comments. “This policy would give the president of the board sole power to recess a public board meeting at his or her discretion.

“This is an abuse of power. We have seen this abuse of power in surrounding school districts used to muzzle and censor the frustrated citizens of the district speaking out against bad district policies.”


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