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October 25, 2014 by  


Gilbert’s aren’t – but will be soon now that the Gilbert School Board voted to have their science/biology books come into compliance (Read Townhall news coverage).

Some may remember that in 2012 Arizona passed a law I sponsored (SB1009) that gives preference, encouragement & support to childbirth & adoption over elective abortion in our public schools.   Nonetheless, efforts to openly flout the law continue.  Last January, for instance, the Tempe Unified School District ALMOST adopted a Planned Parenthood sex education curriculum that did not adhere to the law, but when 240 concerned parents showed up to support the law, they backed off somewhat and only adopted part of it.  Alliance Defending Freedom and other groups got involved, as well.

Here’s what’s happening in Gilbert:  Recently I learned from an involved parent that five out of the seven BIOLOGY and SCIENCE textbooks used in Gilbert Public School District are not law-abiding either. The books furnished to students in Gilbert Public Schools speak openly about abortion-causing contraceptives – and only slightly mention childbirth.  Adoption is not mentioned at all – much less does the text adhere to the law requiring schools prefer, encourage and support childbirth and adoption.

Now for the GOOD news!  After much deliberation the Gilbert School Board voted 3 to 2 in favor of complying with the law!  The motion read:

“I move that this governing board direct administration to redact all references of abortion in any furnished materials given to students as part of any instruction in Gilbert Public Schools that does not give preference, encouragement and support to childbirth and adoption in the same furnished material in order for the district to be in compliance with ARS 15-115.   Administration is to provide an update to the board at the November 18, 2014 meeting with details of a plan of implementation.”

Alliance Defending Freedom presented the legal aspects of the law before the formal board meeting.  The ACLU did not show up to defend their opposing viewpoint.  As sponsor of the 2012 bill, I was given the opportunity to clarify the skewed statements the ACLU attributed to me during Legislative testimony on the bill in their letter to the Board.   Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting and spoke in favor of the astute Gilbert parent Christine Accurso, who brought this issue to the attention of the Board – demanding a change in the textbooks provided to the students.  Natalie Decker from Alliance Defending Freedom was also instrumental.

Great job, Gilbert School Board!!

What to know:

  • Arizona’s law continues the state’s longstanding policy of promoting childbirth over abortion and clearly states that public schools cannot endorse, support, or provide financial assistance to programs promoting abortion.
  • Members of all public school boards should be held accountable.  They need to be made aware of the clear language of the law, take responsibility if their educational materials fall short and act in accordance with the law.
  • Parents – what about your school’s textbooks?   Apparently MANY districts use these same textbooks.
  • Here is a list of the seven Biology/Science books that Gilbert Public Schools currently uses :
  1.  Biology Concepts & Connections 5th Edition by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, Simon – Abortion is mentioned
  2.  Biology A.P. Edition by Reece, Urry, Cain, Wasserman, Minorsky & Jackson (copyright 2011) – Abortion is mentioned
  3.  Biology A.P. Edition 7th Edition by Campbell & Reece (copyright 2005) – Abortion is mentioned
  4. Biology Prentice Hall by Miller & Levine  –  No mention of abortion
  5. Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology by Marieb – Abortion is mentioned 
  6. Campbell’s Biology Concepts & Connections 7th Edition by Reece, Taylor, Simon & Dickey – Abortion is mentioned
  7. Biology Cycles of Life by AGS Publishing (copyright 2006)  –  No mention of abortion

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