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ASU Public (Education) Enemy #2 Carlos Velez-Ibanez (5) is director of The ASU School of Transborder Studies (1), Anthropologist and political activist, ideological subversive and mind-bender.


The ASU School Of Transborder Studies is simply La Raza 2.0 and all of the same people occupy this unit as occupied the La Raza Studies, Chicano Studies, Mexican - American Studies and other groups of similar import. In fact all “studies” departments depict the US as a racist, xenophobic, genocidal, homophobic, greedy, islamophobic, sexist, intolerant, bigoted Corporatist hegemony out to oppress anyone and everyone, everywhere all the time.


The ASU School Of Transborder Studies has 2 basic purposes:

1)      Devise and promote strategies to undermine US sovereignty

2)      Recruit and indoctrinate a new generation of political activists who will seek to destroy US sovereignty under the guise of academic study


All of this was laid out at the launch, which was presided over by ASU President Crow, of The ASU School Of Transborder Studies (STS) on May 11, 2011. The US Mexico border was described, in that conference, as a racist, mostly dysfunctional, ill conceived, outdated, social construct that has no place in a modern borderless world where everyone is a global citizen falling under the jurisdiction of various UN world committees (World Bank, World Court, UNESCO, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, Commission on Global Governance , International Panel on Climate Change and so on). One of the professors at the conference stated calmly, to the entire room and on mike, that the very notion of “national sovereignty” will go away very soon.


One of the primary strategies of the “school” is the creation of a transborder economic zone (straddling the American and Mexican border) that will make the border irrelevant whether there is a border fence or not. (4)


The ASU STS is the offspring of the ASU North American Center For Transborder Studies (NACST) which was launched (also by ASU President Crow) on February 9, 2007. The purpose of the center is to move the US toward the creation of a North American Union and world governance under the UN and it’s various global committees. (2,3)


Both the STS and NACST send representatives to the Border Governors Conference and are working with the Border Governors to create a North American Union. The yearly Border Governors Conference is a get together of the Governors of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas along with the Governors of the border states of northern Mexico. It appears our US border Governors, including Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer (6), may be violating our national sovereignty simply by belonging to such a junta.



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