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ASU: Public (Education) Enemy #1

 -ASU President Michael Crow


ASU Michael Crow is spearheading Agenda 21, the Radical Social Transformation of Society based on social justice and environmental justice and a WIDE open borders agenda. Prepare to be brainwashed kids.


ASU “School of Sustainability”

In 2007 President Crow established the ASU “School of Sustainability” which will advance Agenda 21 and prepare students for one world government under UN “sustainability” related agendas and treaties. It’s goal is the radical transformation of society based on Agenda 21 by, among other things, creating change agents for the “Green” revolution (15)


Big Bucks for Crow – He can’t squawk

ASU President Crow just got a 5-year extension on his contract. He really knows how to make Leftists happy! (17)


It pays to be Michael Crow:

Regents Vice Chairman Fred DuVal said Crow didn't receive a pay raise because of the challenging economic climate. “We're grateful he didn't press for (a raise)," DuVal said.

Here is a breakdown on Crow's contract:

•  Base salary: $475,000.

•  Housing allowance: $50,000.

•  Car allowance: $10,000.

•  Additional compensation from ASU Foundation: $100,000.

•  Pension: $85,500.

•  Retirement: $16,100.

Total annual salary and benefits: $736,600. (not including his wife’s salary and monies he makes through “charity” and other “investments”) Being an academic elitist must be tough in this down economy (17)


“ASU Global Institute of Sustainability”
Crow launched the “ASU Global Institute of Sustainability” which is devoted to Agenda 21 (16)


ASU “School of Social Transformation”

President Crow launched the ASU “School of Social Transformation” in the fall of 2009 This school launch celebrates diversity, social justice, tolerance (except of whites, males, Christians, Jews and Republicans) and all the things that make conservatives barf on command. The so called “school” is actually a radical political organization that uses the University to recruit unsuspecting students into their Neo-Marxist revolution run by a labor union organizer and radical gender feminist.

“School of Social Transformation”
ASU launched its new “School of Social Transformation” during an opening ceremony Oct. 7. The school's No. 1 mission is "to create a teaching and learning environment where any topic can be discussed," (as long as you are a Leftist radical) says ASU President Michael Crow. (12)


ASU “School of Transborder Studies”

On May 11, 2011 President Crow launched the ASU “School of Transborder Studies” which offers PHD’s in the ways of abolishing national sovereignty under the guise of global competetiveness. Their goal, as they stated in the conference that followed the launch, is a one world government under the United Nations. Notions like “national sovereignty” will become a thing of the past (that silly old Thomas Jefferson and his “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. What was he thinkin’?) In the conference the border was portrayed as a racist. (13)


ASU “North American Center for Transborder Studies”

President Crow launched the ASU “North American Center for Transborder Studies” in 2007. The center is dedicated to creating a North American Union and eventually a one-world government controlled by the UN (I think we are already there) (14)



Get to know Mr. “C”

·        Prominent member of the “Council on Foreign Relations” (21)

·        “You really don’t want to disagree with Michael Crow. Not if you want to be here very long” (1)

·        Crow states "The University will have as a design aspiration the Transformation of Society" (5)

·        “He IS a Fascist” (2)

·        Crow says of Agenda 21 "For us it's an all consuming thing. It's not A thing, it's everything!" "We are reshaping who we are" "sustainability as a value that's equal to other core social values that we have" WELCOME TO THE GREEN CHURCH!! (10)

·        Crow admits indoctrinating students (11)

·        Crow states “What’s needed is radical reform. This isn’t just about curriculum”. (3)

·        Crow states “And, so, let me outline some of the radical reforms at my University that we are in the midst of implementing”. (4)

·        Crow to economics professors: “make sustainability economics a central theme of your department” Think Van Jones and the Greening of the economy (6)

·        Now ASU is hiring “sustainability economists” (7)

·        Crow states “Put your dollars on change” (8)

·        Crow advises students to “Find a way to bring together faculty and staff leaders who actually believe that a University is something… Transformative”. Students are to become change agents to push Leftists values at ANY institution they eventually wind up in-private or public (9)

·        Launch of the ASU “School of Sustainability” School of Agenda 21 brainwashing

·        Launch of the ASU “School of Social Transformation” (12)

·        President Crow’s CV (18)

·        The American University and College Presidents Climate Commitment (19)


Mr. McBusy

·        Tenured professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, in New York City.

·        Invited to join Columbia University in 1991 as associate vice provost for science and engineering, Crow would become vice provost for research the following year and vice provost of the university the year thereafter. He was named executive vice provost in 1998.

·        Founded the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Columbia’s first all-university research and teaching institute. Comprising ten core research centers involving more than 1,000 individuals, the institute is focused on understanding the Earth to enhance sustainability.

·        Crow, in an interview, cited possible reasons for President Obama accepting the invitation to speak included ASU's improving research profile, a need for schools necessary in Obama's plans

·        Between 2003 and 2007 he served on the Arizona Board of Education.






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(10) Promotional video for the “American University and College Presidents Climate Commitment” of which Crow is a founder and a member of steering committee

Video is entitled “Sustainability as a Core Value” promoting the notion that “Sustainability” is a core value for ASU (and America) equal to “Liberty”



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