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Arizona Legislators Push Money Toward Governor’s Office Of Education And Away From Classrooms

Last week, the Arizona Legislature wrote what amounts to a blank check to the State’s three universities while appropriating more money and power to the Governor’s Office and short changed K-12 schools. Through a number of budget items, the Legislature increased the governor’s grasp on education and bought into more unproven gimmicks. For example:

Legislators appropriated $235,000 for the College Readiness Pilot Program. The program involves students taking one more test to let them know what they and their teachers should already know by the 11th grade; they are college ready or not. This disaster was pushed by Rep. Heather Carter, and will probably only really benefit the test makers.

Legislators also appropriated $200,000 in one-time funding to the Governor’s Office for a computer science initiative, according to the ASBA (Arizona School Board Association). Once again, the Legislature is funding the Governor’s Office rather than the Arizona Department of Education (ADE).


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