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This was for the My Turn column of the AZ Republic. It was due August 30,
2010. They publish papers for the East side and the West side. The 4 column
submissions they have received will be in the paper Friday, September 3.

I would have voted no on the latest property tax increase that the Mesa
Governing Board asked for right after the sales tax increase went through. I
don’t believe the schools need more money. I believe instead that the money
needs to be spent more wisely. We need to identify programs that are working
for both students and teachers and stick with them. I’d also like to see more
money go to the teachers, classrooms and supplies.

The federal government offers money to help schools, but then the school
districts are forced to implement many changes in order to qualify for that
money. The teachers end up with a lot of extra paperwork to do rather than
having time to teach. We pay our teachers to TEACH, not fill out paperwork
for the federal government. And after all that, we may not even qualify as in the
Race To The Top funds. In addition, federal funds come with strings attached,
so essentially the federal government is telling us how to run our schools. I
believe public education should be a state issue under state jurisdiction, not
federal jurisdiction.

Merrianne Geisdorf

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