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IMPORTANT: Upcoming Kimber Academy meetings not to miss! TV spotlight & newspaper article for Kimber Academy !

We are excited to announce the following upcoming meetings that we think willbe ones you don't want to miss! They are great opportunities to invite anyoneyou know who may be looking at other alternatives for their children'seducation and/or, to help you further in making final decisions regarding yourchildren. We respect every one of you and your desire to know all you can aboutthis opportunity and fully expect/hope that you will take it to the Lord andseek His will for your family/children. If you feel you are not getting yourconcerns/questions addressed, please contact one of us (try me first - Nancy has so much on herplate) and we will do our best to resolve your concerns/doubts/worries, etc. :)We are here for you. is the schedule with additional info:

 Tuesdays (weekly) Kimber Academy     Open House at Stephanie Abney ’s     house: 133 N. Sulleys Drive ,      Mesa 85205       @ 7:00 p.m.   Stephanies' cell 480-213-7303 if you have any     questions.

Thursdays     (weekly) Kimber Academy Open House at     Nancy Genys' home: 2667 E. Houston ,     Gilbert 85234  7:00 p.m.

Thursday,     July 12th Weekly Info Meeting at Nancy 's home -  2667 E. Houston Ave ,     Gilbert, 85234.  Ganeen     (pronounced like "Janeen") with Higher Education STO (our     partner in using the AZ Tax Credits for private education) might be     present to talk about how that program works. I will know on Wed. night     and will send out a notice to let you know for sure.

Wednesday,     July 18th Meet the Teacher night for Kimber      Academy – at Nancy 's house. 2667 E. Houston Ave ,     Gilbert, 85234 7:00 p.m. Come ask your questions and get to know the     teachers that will be instilling within your children the love of     learning! This will be held in the dance room, so there will be lots of     room to bring your friends if they would like to come. We know this is a     big concern/question for parents - WHO will be teaching my child? Please     make the effort to attend.

Thursday,     July 19th: Regular Open House – at Nancy 's house. 2667 E. Houston Ave ,     Gilbert, 85234 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday,     July 25th Meet the Students from Kimber Academies in Utah (and Open house)! At Nancy 's home 2667 E. Houston Ave , Gilbert,     85234  7:00 p.m. Kimber Academy National is coming to bring a     few students who will appear on television earlier that morning (see     details below). This     is going to be a great opportunity to see the "proof in the     pudding"! If you haven't had a chance to see/meet the m b efore now, this will be the right time. Ask     them questions about what your children's (youth in the senior class)     experience will be like. How do they like it? What does it feel like? What     is the social atmosphere like? What is the learning atmosphere like?
Thursday,     July 26th DON"T MISS THIS ONE: "How exactly do we use the AZ Tax     Credit for Private Education program to fund our children's private     education?" At Nancy 's     house - 2667 E. Houston Ave ,     Gilbert, 85234 7:00 p.m.   This is not a traditional open house….Ganeen from     Higher Education STO, Inc. will teach us how this program works and what     we need to do to access the 20.1 million dollars in funds that the state     of AZ has set aside for this purpose! The funds your family and friends or even     companies would consider donating would either end up going to the state     and be spent how they want it spent OR families and corporations can     choose to have that money go to a very worthy cause instead - your     children's education and the nurturing/raising up of a generation of     leaders who know how to think for themselves and will lead this country in     the future! Either way, they will receive dollar for dollar tax credits to     reduce their tax LIABILITY - not from the bottom line). Invite your     CPAs to come along as well! (Ganeen indicated that not every CPA may     know of this program if they just received their continuing education     credits from federal tax training, not state training! She will offer them     incentives as well to help you find families/companies who are willing to     donate!) This is not a traditional open house…. All will be centered     around utilizing the STO. This meeting is VERY important…. You literally     will be empowered to raise the money you need to pay for private     education. Ganeen is wonderful and embraces our mission completely.
We will be offering some "Getting to Know Kimber       Academy for     Dads" meetings soon! So stay tuned for that info!      PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) member Devin Hawkins will be hosting. We     know Dad's just have different/harder questions/concerns that they need     answered to feel more at peace sometimes!

ALSO don't missthe following:
Wednesday     morning, July 25th 9:00 a.m. Kimber Academy will be included in a "Back to School"     special on Sonoran Living Live – ABC 15. So, be sure to tune in     for that great opportunity! Our segment will partially feature Kimber Academy      senior students from Utah      demonstrating their knowledge of history by reciting "hook     dates"! Pretty cool to see/hear!
Kimber Academy was featured in the July edition of the Beehive newspaper!      Check it out here! (Note: they said it would open in Gilbert...but     the building is in Mesa .)     :)


We hope to see you soon at many of these important andinformative meetings!  Let us know if you have any further questions.



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Awesome! Too bad all of my grandchildren are out of state.

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