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"Global Warming, Establishment Academics and Politicians

The Establishment Academics are becoming just fascist Marxists hell-bent on manipulating society for personal gain and power.
"Global Warming is another hidden agenda. The politicians are eager to climb on board not to save the world, but to raise taxes. The academics are driven by the money so they can sit in their rooms collect welfare checks for totally worthless nonsense."

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Anyone in Tempe, Ahwatukee, and parts of Chandler in TUHSD, please visit the district office during business hours Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of this week.  The new textbooks are on a table to review.  Global warming and climate change is represented in the Biology book while disguised as a butterfly chapter.  I wonder if students can opt out?


Please, please, please, take a look at these books.  There is not much time.  We need to let the district know we do care what our kids are taught.  You won't have time to read every page of every book (part of the plan, I'm sure), but pick a subject or two you like and go from there. 


Stay tuned.


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