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Toronto: Christians Arrested For Preaching The Gospel

On June 4th, 2019, Christ's Forgiveness Ministries and Torch of Christ Ministries visited an area of Toronto known locally as Gay Village. As we circled up to pray, a group began to form around us. Within five minutes, a mob surrounded us and began to act hatefully. We were assaulted several times. The police responded and did nothing to protect us. Pastor David Lynn was arrested.

It is very clear that a bias exists in Canada, and this mentality is spreading everywhere. Christian beliefs are being labeled as hate speech, and hatred and violence towards Christians is being allowed. Assaults against us are overlooked by law enforcement. Christians, you are being discriminated against. This is the truth.

Let your voice be heard. Share this video. Download it and share it to social media. Send it to everyone. We cannot overlook the fact that our religious freedoms are being taken away.

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Thank you for your prayers!

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