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Public School Teacher Rebecca Friedrichs Takes On Teacher Unions

Published on Jul 30, 2015
"We're asking that teachers be able to decide for ourselves, without fear or coerscion, whether or not to join or fund a union," says Rebecca Friedrichs, a veteran public school teacher in Buena Park, Califorina. "It's that simple."

Friedrichs is the lead plantiffs in a lawsuit filed in April 2013 that seeks to overturn a California law that requires her to pay union dues even though she's not a member of the union.

There are twenty-six states with "ageny shop" laws of this sort in place.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association in its fall session.

Reason magazine's Matt Welch sat down with Friedrichs at FreedomFest 2015.

About 6 minutes.

Edited by Alex Manning. Camera by Paul Detrick and Zach Weissmueller.

Go to for downloadable versions and subscribe to ReasonTV's YouTube Channel to receive notification when new material goes live.

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