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Dedicated to all those Gilbert residents that have declared they are moving out of Gilbert to escape the increasingly higher taxes. Here we are in an off cycle election and we are faced with 4 COUNT 'EM 4 NEW TAXES! All of which go the the K-12 system. We already send 70% of our property taxes to these gangsters; government contractors, union bosses, politicians and administrators who seek to line their already overstuffed pockets with more loot. But they have the hutspa to tell us "It's for the children"; oh, and the teachers. IT'S CRIMINAL! So much for home values! Even IF home values rise, all of the extra value will be siphoned off in taxes. Don't cry for Argentina. You are witnessing the destruction of your community under the same kind of "hope and change" that destroyed that once prosperous country. Listen to some Bob Marley while you are packing up. Sorry to see you go!

Exodus by Bob Marley in Exodus. Enjoy!

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Comment by Peggy McClain on October 25, 2015 at 12:49pm
Gilbert residents, where will you go?

You are the last beacon of hope in the Metro Phoenix area. If we lose Gilbert, we have nothing, nowhere to turn.

You know all those new homes being built in your town? How many are purchased by those escaping high expenses in other states, but at the same time are supportive of taxation? I know it makes no sense, but your new homebuyers are my customers. I know where many have moved from and so many are sympathetic to "It's For the Children."

Your taxes are acceptable because they are not as high as their native cities. (Yet)
Comment by Harry Mathews on October 25, 2015 at 6:53pm

Actually we have the 3rd highest tax rate in the area and will likely go to #1 if all these new taxes go through

Comment by Peggy McClain on October 25, 2015 at 7:48pm

Well, it's less expensive to live here than where many of your new residents are coming from:  California, NY, NJ, Chicago, Seattle, etc.  They bring their liberal ways with them and vote accordingly, all the while saving money for themselves, but not for you.

On top of your tax rates, most of your new buyers are forced to live in HOAs, an even more disturbing control over private property by a group of individuals with no accountability.  The new residents accept this, pay the HOA regularly, and the cycle of government control/taxing begins.

One reason I stay in communist Tempe is I have no HOA!  There really aren't too many here, and most that are exist are pretty benign from what I understand (with a few exceptions, of course.)

We are doomed one way or the other.


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