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At 11:21pm on March 25, 2010, Harry Mathews said…
Welcome to the Edcuation Action Committee blog. Join us in taking back our country by taking back our schools. Please feel free to peruse the info here, comment and add content.
~In Liberty~
Harry Mathews
At 11:38am on March 28, 2010, PhD in IB said…
aha! Very astute of you .... LOL!
At 3:35pm on March 28, 2010, PhD in IB said…
You did?? LOL! Reads like a soap opera, no? The lone libertarian fighting the commies. Now I just pop in now and then to annoy them. At least I got the Thomas Sowell reference added along with the Christmas Day Bomber as famous IB alumni!

At 4:00pm on March 28, 2010, Harry Mathews said…
Welcome aboard. We are in the process of vetting canidates for the State Superintendant of schools. They are all claiming that they don't know about the IB. We need to "educate" them.
BTW, what is "PYP"?
At 4:57pm on March 28, 2010, PhD in IB said…
Harry - PYP stands for Primary Years Program(me) ages 3-11
MYP stands for Middle Years Program(me) ages 11-15
DP stands for Diploma Program(me) ages 16-19
and IB stands for International Bulls%$t ;-)
At 4:59pm on March 28, 2010, PhD in IB said…

They just banned me again as a sockpuppet at Wikipedia. If you want to have fun, go into the IBDP and try and get my last notation about IB being eliminated by SOME U.S. schools restored .... hehehehe - I can give you other cites if you need them, they're such statist censors, it's unbelievable!
At 5:01pm on March 28, 2010, Harry Mathews said…
At 2:19am on March 29, 2010, PhD in IB said…
HelloAnnyong was originally brought in as a 3rd party to settle a dispute between me and LaMome but ended up being a super-leftie. There's a bunch of IB nutjobs that guard those articles like the Holy Grail - it''s pretty sad, actually.
At 2:36am on March 29, 2010, PhD in IB said…
LOL! Now you're a MEATPUPPET - LOLOLOL! Oh, and you've got the WHOLE gang of zany zealots there - Tvor65 is an insane math professor from U of Pitt - originally from Russia - she hates my guts

Okay, um, this can't keep going on. I've warned the new IP,, about 3RR. Honestly I'm not convinced that this is another sockpuppet of Observer. The first number in the IP is correct, but the rest is wrong. And if you do a lookup on both IPs, they're in very different locations. It might be a meatpuppet which is another story altogether. Either way, we can't keep going back and forth on this page. — HelloAnnyong (say whaaat?!) 04:29, 29 March 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, I moved to Mesa over the weekend. What a moron!
At 10:51am on March 29, 2010, PhD in IB said…
Well I think you need to go back there and tell HelloAnnyong and Truthkeeper that they are NOT being "polite" and "welcoming", nor are they "assuming good faith". Furthermore, the statement re: "some schools ... reflected statements in the NEWSPAPER article and aren't the schools "notable" because they are already IBO authorized? Point out that you weren't declaring a "trend", merely that SOME schools have eliminated IB for the stated reasons. Declaring a "trend" would be POV, now wouldn't it? ;-)
At 12:57pm on March 29, 2010, PhD in IB said…
Oh, and here's an even BETTER cite of IB being cut for cost reasons:

If anything, that shows a fiscal TREND over a six year span.
At 5:48am on April 2, 2010, PhD in IB said…
Hey there,

Just thought you'd like to know that "Candy", aka Candorwein, thinks you are me at Wikipedia.

Candy is quite the dear. "It" called me a "sexist" because I referered to "it" as "her". I personally think she's a psycho dyke, but hey, not to be judgmental or anything, especially on Good Friday! ;-)

Hope you have a lovely Easter. Mmmm, black jelly beans!
At 3:25am on April 3, 2010, PhD in IB said…
You know it's funny, if I just read all the things Candorwein enjoys such as Farscape and alternative rock, I would think she was someone I would enjoy hanging with. Bit of an overachiever, eh? Your comment should drive Candy up the wall - hehehe. I love reading their comments about how now they can all get some peace now that I'm banned and then they don't bother to do any editing of any value. Statists! There is no point trying to fight them. Very sick control freaks.

I just got an e-mail from that Mary McGarr in Texas and am very excited. I hope she will agree to put herself out there as an anti-IB contact and I'll create a new page for Katy ISD, Texas.

I was going to self-publish the book through i-Universe. Spent $1,000 on an intellectual property attorney who advised me that IBO could possibly sue me on a tort called "Interference with business". On that basis, i-Universe refused to publish. Did you like it? I got a release from Jay Mathews but I couldn't get one from IBO. After two months, they came back to me with, ya ready? "No comment" .... LOL!

Do you know Debra Niwa? She could be a real asset to TJ. Unfortunately there was no contact info with her excellent paper.

International Baccalaureate Unraveled

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