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Will TUHSD Superintendent Call Out David Schapira for "Half-Truths"?

The Tempe Union High School District Board and Superintendent circled the wagons at the May 7, 2014 meeting as they protected the Board and Sex Ed Committee members from any criticism.  Dr. Baca, the superintendent, implored the audience not to state half-truths and also made it clear he does not like the use of social media to report the District's activities.


A reporter from The Arizona Republic was at the meeting.  Channel 12 did a piece on its 10PM news and Luci Scott wrote an article for the next day.  But all they did was act as stenographers.  There was no research into the issues referred to during the meeting. 


TUHSD is the district that assured I was ready to graduate from high school.  Among other things, they were confident I had mastered English, writing, debate, government, and science.  Since The Arizona Republic reporter didn't do her job, I'll jump in and fill in the gaps using some of the skills learned at McClintock High School.  But I'll have to use the only option available to me--social media.


It's no secret Board Member David Schapira receives campaign donations from Planned Parenthood and/or it's president.  Because of this, he was asked to recuse himself from the Sex Ed curriculum vote due to a conflict of interest:


Mr. Schapira told the audience Planned Parenthood's donations were for a position that pays nothing, so there is no conflict of interest:


Last I checked, a United States Congressman gets paid around $170,000/year.


There is more.  Mr. Schapira is currently running for Tempe City Council.  This position does not pay as well as Congress, but it is a paid position nonetheless.  Check out the campaign donation from Bryan Howard, President of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, on page 5:


Mr. Howard's campaign donation was recorded on February 22, 2014, two and a half months BEFORE Mr. Schapira made the statement the donations were for a non-paid position (School Board).  This doesn't look lilke a "perceived" connection or a fallacy, to use Mr. Schapira's words.


Mr. Schapira is allowed to receive campaign donations from Planned Parenthood.  The issue here is he deliberately misled the taxpayers, the Tempe High School Board, administration, and the media.


Because the mainstream media has done a fantastic job for decades of hiding anything that is Planned Parenthood, and it is campaign season, I am shining a little light on the facts.





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