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We Knew the High School Students Weren't Reallly Planned Parenthood's Ultimate Goal

Back in January Tempe Union High School District entertained Ms. Vicki Hadd-Wissler, director of Planned Parenthood's educational arm, because the students "need a comprehensive sex ed curriculum".


As TUHSD and its Sex Ed committtee strategized how to allow PP in the district without upsetting the apple cart, Ms. Hadd-Wissler earned her paycheck while taking advantage of even younger kids in a nearby district:


Tempe parents repeatedly warned the Committee and Board members PP's agenda was strictly to develop future customers to increase its bottom line, nothing more.


Is the FLASH (Planned Parenthood) curriculum currently taught in Creighton School District (where Monte Vista is located) following SB1009?  Remember in January Ms. Hadd-Wissler told Tempe that PP hadn't updated its curriculum to align with the law.  If PP had updated, wouldn't it make sense Ms. Hadd-Wissler would have asked to present the new curriculum to TUHSD to squash the controversy?  Wouldn't members like David Schapira, Angie Taylor-Thornton, and other outspoken advertisers for PP want to display a non-controversial, law-abiding Planned Parenthood curriclulm to prove the concerned parents were wrong? 


This makes me think Monte Vista's presentation does not follow SB1009. 


Now that Planned Parenthood is in the Creighton Schools, it will be nearly impossible to remove.  The same will be the case in Tempe, otherwise known as the Planned Parenthood High School District of the East Valley.

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Comment by karen gevaert on May 26, 2014 at 5:15pm

I disagree, if the parents and citizens join together, they can remove this contemptible piece of trash--this is not the time to give-up--we all need to join and "fight" this EVIL.


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