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Virginia PTA Moves To Eliminate School’s Parent Group After Anti-Critical Race Theory Candidates Elected

[EAN NOTE: KNOW THIS: Your public schools ARE the Deep State. The teachers, administrators, and countless government contrators that swarm around the schools like so many blood sucking mosquitos, are not fit to be any where near your children. They despise parents and their goal is to take everything away from you that they possibly can; including you money, your freedom and ESPECIALLY your children. Our government run schools are the greatest threat to our nation today. There isn't even a close second. They have declared war on you.]

 • June 25, 2021 The Washington Free Beacon 

Accuses anti-CRT members of creating 'hostile environment'

The Parent Teacher Association of Virginia sent a letter of intent to abolish the parent group of the nation’s top high school after a slate of candidates opposed to critical race theory won an election earlier this month.

The letter, sent to the Parent Teacher Student Association of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology on Wednesday, claims that the recently elected candidates skirted bylaws and created a "hostile environment" for members. This is the latest fallout between pro- and anti-critical race theory factions at the elite high school, which made headlines last fall after district officials abolished its entrance exam in an attempt to boost black and Hispanic enrollment.

The Virginia Parent Teacher Association would circumvent the results of the referendum on Fairfax County Public Schools if it decided to move forward with eliminating Thomas Jefferson’s parent board. Candidates opposed to Thomas Jefferson's recent equity measures—such as the updated admissions process—won a majority on the association board.

Harry Jackson, who was voted president-elect in the most recent election, called the Virginia PTA’s move "dictatorial."

"This is how they welcome this new diverse class, by taking away their support," Jackson, who will be the first black man to serve as president-elect, told the Washington Free Beacon. "This is the most diverse class in history, and Virginia PTA takes out their support structures. It’s dictatorial.


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