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US Dept. of Ed Set to Downgrade History

23 July 2014 The Report Card

Margo Anderson
Department of Education

By Bill Korach

In a letter to Margo Anderson, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement, The National Council for History Education warned that history grants and therefore the study of history is being downgraded. Ms. Anderson herself has written a proposal that would eliminate grants for history. Ms. Anderson is a long time proponent of revisionist race, class gender history that sees America as a racist, and imperialist power. Hers is the dominant position in academe today and it is worth noting that the Obama regime is chock full of people like Margo Anderson. Her curriculum vitae says it all.

The statement and letter from the National Council for History Education detains the consequences of Ms. Anderson’s action:


The Department of Education is revising their list of supplemental priorities for competitive grant applications.


History has been left off of the list!


In 2010, the US Department of Education published a list of supplemental

priorities and definitions to be used in awarding discretionary grants.

They are now proposing to replace the 2010 priorities and definitions

with a new set.


Our readers may not be surprised to see that History

and other Social Sciences have been left off of that priority list.

We have time to act, but the July 24 deadline for public comments is fast approaching.


The National Council for History Education has submitted a letter to the

Department of Education, please reference the proposed priorities in that

message when leaving your own comments.


We’ve shared our ideas, not it’s time for you to amplify our voice.


View the draft proposal and access the comment section via the following link:!documentDetail;D=ED-2013-OII-0146



Those commenting are advised to:

“Identify credentials and experience that may distinguish your comments

from others. If you are commenting in an area in which you have relevant

personal or professional experience say so.” We don’t get credit for the

volume of comments we generate. Rather, “A single, well-supported

comment may carry more weight than a thousand form letters.”

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