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URGENT: IMMEDIATE CALL TO ACTION REQUIRED -Elective Abortions Must Stop During This Outbreak

[NOTE: The following is a message from 40 Days For Life 3-26-20]

Dear Prayer Warriors, 

Thank you for your incredible response to the call to action in my last email.  Less than 24 hours after it was sent, it had been viewed more than 2300 times which contributed to 549 of the well over 5,000 local responses received by Students for Life!

This is awesome... but, it has been brought to my attention that bulk email petitions like these take a fair amount of time to be reviewed, packaged, sent and seen. This is an URGENT matter involving life and death... So, we must submit / re-submit our requests directly to Governor Ducey while the topic is at the forefront of his mind, TODAY!!! 

Here's how to do it...

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Choose:  "I am making a comment"
  3. In the Comment Box, copy and paste the following:

Governor Ducey,
The abortion industry in Arizona is ignoring your executive order to halt all elective surgeries.  Please define abortion as an elective surgery and call on abortion providers to join the healthcare community in ceasing all of these elective surgeries immediately.  We need to save ALL of the Personal Protective Equipment for the Coronavirus situation.  Thank you!

Please do this NOW... it takes less than a minute!  Then, forward this email to ALL your family, friends & pro-life associates... encouraging them to do the same!

Thank you... May God bless our efforts and keep you healthy in all aspects of your life!

Jim Fitzsimmons
40 Days for Life
Tempe Campaign Director

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