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Union Calls School Choice ‘KKK Vouchers’



This is the quite the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Friday, August 31.

A remarkable tweet war yesterday in the Bayou state. The Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the state chapter of the AFT teachers union, accused the national school choice group BAEO of supporting a pro-KKK educational curriculum. That's right, they were saying the Black Alliance for Educational Options was on the side of Ku Klux Klan.

The logic went like this. The union claimed that 20 private schools in Louisiana, which accept government vouchers for tuition, use textbooks from Bob Jones University Press. They also said some of the textbooks include positive phrases or insinuations about the Klan. So since BAEO supports school choice through vouchers, and some of the vouchers go to the schools that use those textbooks, the union says that BAEO is supporting the KKK.

"Louisiana BAEO supports pro-KKK curriculum via vouchers," said the union.

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