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TUHSD and the Rest of Arizona's School Districts

Hi all,

There is a lot of information that has come in late today regarding Tempe Union High School's Sex Ed curriculum vote on Wednesday night.  (7PM, 500 W. Guadalupe Tempe, NW corner of Guadalupe and Kyrene)

One item appears to be they have removed "Choosing the Best" as an option.  This has been a non-controversial curriculum, but not associated with their beloved Planned Parenthood.  We are still sorting through details, but why would the district take away this option the day before a vote?


Also, check out this in-your-face video that is part of the TUHSD Sex Ed curriculum. Remember that AZ law does not allow a homosexual lifestyle to be pushed in public schools:


Notice at the end of this short video how they plan to infiltrate every area, including school boards and curriculum.


Which leads me to this correspondence Arizona school districts received this week:






Why does abstinence until marriage garner a grade of F?


What do the above forms have to do with our children, K-12, getting into college or trade school?  How will Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed curriculum add to society?


Planned Parenthood is phony and fraudulent.  The time is now for all of us to stand up to them and to any school district who falls for their lies.  There must be money being exchanged between PP and the school officials.  I have NO evidence of this, but what else is driving these District Administrators to even give the Pink Pack the time of day?







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